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  1. This was sent out to the UT faculty yesterday. July 4, 2014 Statement in Support of President William Powers We understand from news articles that were posted this afternoon that UT System Chancellor Francisco Cigarroa has delivered an ultimatum to University of Texas at Austin President William Powers to resign his position immediately or be fired. We further understand that the Chancellor has provided no rationale for this action. On behalf of the General Faculty of UT Austin, the Faculty Council Executive Committee unanimously reiterates its strong support for the presidency of William Powers who, under extraordinarily difficult circumstances, has fulfilled his position with distinction. He has greatly enhanced the quality and stature of the institution's undergraduate education, its graduate programs, its research mission, its commitment to medical education and care, and its service to the community and to higher education generally. This year his alma mater, the Texas Legislature, and the prestigious American Association of Universities, which he now serves as chair, have honored him. As his colleagues, we are proud to acknowledge and honor his remarkable and distinguished achievements as we place our full support behind his continued presidency of The University of Texas at Austin. UT Austin Faculty Council Executive Committee: Hillary Hart, 2013-14 chair, civil, architectural, and environmental engineering William Beckner, 2014-15 chair, mathematics Andrea Gore, 2014-15 chair elect, pharmacy Martha Hilley, 2012-13 chair, music Dean Neikirk, secretary, electrical and computer engineering Brian Evans, electrical and computer engineering Elizabeth Gershoff, human development and family sciences Susan Klein, law Michael White, classics
  2. I was at the game tonight. The guys played great and the Irwin Center was quite loud when it mattered. I like this team too :-)
  3. Imagine the effect of man-made magnetic fields. Cool article. Thanks
  4. Festivities tonight in my house are above normal. Some friends decided to come over late and we are having a martini party. My wife makes the bat dirty martinis....
  5. I am, and this is typical as far as my late-night activities go. For whatever reason I rarely get to sleep before 2...
  6. At home with the family. We live just outside the city limits so fireworks with the kids is our party. They are in college now so their willingness to hang out with mom and dad makes it very special. Happy New Year to all! be safe and Hook 'Em!
  7. Concise and classy. Thank you, sir!
  8. I belong to all thee sites. OB was first just because of exposure (listening to Ketch, and Chip on local radio) but I quickly grew tired of the negative aspects and especially the attitude of Ketch. I only keep my sub to skim for info and rarely post there. Even the info seems to be lacking lately. For me, the analysis of Alex Dunlap and the posts from nuufaola are about the only things I enjoy. I joined IT after hearing about Jesus on OB and enjoy that site much more in terms of content and information. Some of the old guard there make me reluctant to post much, but I have met some of them at an IT tailgate. They were a great bunch of guys in person... I followed McPhaul here from OB and have really enjoyed seeing this site grow. I really appreciate what seems to be a genuine desire to share opinions about the inner workings of the UT athletic department and the effect of current events and information. I realize the general public is presented with multiple versions of the "facts" and have seen/read enough to believe most of what is presented here in the context it is presented. The general attitude of McPhaul—being civil an respectful regardless of the topic (even so far as to ask a poster not to refer to Mack as a piece of crap), and others on this site have made it my favorite in many respects. I think this has been a trying time for lots of people with a lot invested in the outcome, so it's probably not surprising to see it bring out the worst in some. Thankfully, it has shown me the good in a lot of people too.
  9. Scientist and proud member of the UT Faculty.
  10. This is all very intriguing. I hope someone writes an in depth article once the dust has settled and we get to find out the reality of this situation. Don't get me wrong, I believe a lot of what I read from McPhaul, but I have to also believe there are some things being leaked to counter other leaked tidbits. I really find this all quite fascinating. Thanks for for a great read and Happy New Year.
  11. Sitting in Panera having a late breakfast and analyzing data in between checking the boards. I work at UT and the university is closed until the 2nd but I will go into the lab for a few hours before heading to ABIA to pick up my daughter.
  12. The folks here are some of the most civil I have come across on a board of this type. I appreciate the community and wish a safe and happy holiday season for all.
  13. I endorse whatever title you like. Really enjoy your posts. Safe travels and happy holidays.
  14. The speed increase is great. Good job!
  15. Considering your unique perspective, this speaks VOLUMES. Thanks for sharing.
  16. Actually, no. I think it is setting the bar too low. Winning football games should be the result of running a top-notch program that develops players and produces outstanding individuals. Just wanting to win games is exactly what got us into this mess in the first place Please do not take this personally as it is not intended to be an attack. I actually read this three times and thought to myself "me too" until I thought about what is making me so mad tonight--Mack's ability to make people forget what is truly important
  17. Yes, congrats to McPhaul. I might heed the suggestion of JimR though.
  18. fair enough. VERY interesting though. I hope we get to hear about all the things that were held back/delayed, why, at who's request... after this is over
  19. "sometimes it's what you don't do that makes you a good man" Cryptic.

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