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  1. I'm not sure if Bob Bostad is joining Lovie Smith, but he'd be great!
  2. If it is Saban, I will join the Sasquatch Believers of Texas!
  3. The Beingreal guy on twitter is saying that the initial offer will be made to Briles.
  4. So let me get this straight... The guy has a 2.75 buyout, but we wanted to make it look like it was Mack's idea. It wasn't going to be Mack's idea unless he got the 2.75 plus 1.3 mil until 2020 and even then he balked.....because he really believed that he could fix it after five years of sub standard finishes, blow out losses, and the fan base, earl/ Ricky, and the big money donors turning on him. Yet, he's going to sue because of contract interference? How does he really have something to sue about? Texas pays the 2.75 and he's done...am I right or no? I'm sure it's more complicated than that but I just don't understand what grounds he has
  5. It's going to most likely be one of two guys. If you've followed any of this, there's one guy that should have been named a few weeks ago and the other guy has something pressing in the next few weeks.
  6. Came to my kicking camp when he was in high school. He is a different kid to say the least. Great leg though.
  7. Ah I heard Monday but that makes sense... After everybody gets back from NY
  8. Saban yes Fsu qb too. Fournette too. Look for it maybe Monday for espn sports center to really get busy
  9. Baba is another cool dude. His source had Saban to Texas this summer. If you can grab a beer with him, you should. The guy is highly entertaining.
  10. Pretty outstanding stuff. So...In six months, looks like we'll have Saban, Smart and a new baseball coach on the way. Plonsky and Dodds gone and possibly Direct TV/Dish with the LHN. Nice start for Patterson
  11. Eugene is great. Have had several drinks with him several times (as many have). Wish the dude was back in San Antonio..Well...Wish I was back in Austin.

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