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  1. I have to agree with ATX. I know, and appreciate, that many of you enjoy the banter, etc, and I agree that this site is much friendlier than TOS. Personally, I am not drawn to the conversations. I joined this site to read Darrell McPhaul and Crossfire. I will add that I subscribe to another site only to read Jesus Shuttlesworth and Inside the Humidor. When these featured articles are canceled, then my subscription will be canceled. Like ATX, I paid in full for a one year subscription. If possible, I request a pro-rated refund. If this is not possible, make damn sure that you don't automatically charge me for next year.
  2. This site is fast becoming a joke. No reporting on the suspensions & dismissals, no practice or press conference reporting, no Crossfire, no meaningful reports on recruiting. I guess for my 780 Peso investment I'll have to be satisfied with landscaping, franchising, BBQ, etc. what the hell, this isn't my first rodeo.
  3. Let's see if I've got this right. Last fall and winter this site exploded due to the reporting of Darrell McPhaul. Crossfire and Inside the Humidor became the most eagerly awaited weekly features on the web for Longhorn addicts. Horn Sports decided that they were Big Boys, and decided to become a pay site. Being stupid, I ponied-up for the annual subscription. Now, a couple of months later, I read that HS can't be known as Crossfire. Did anyone on your staff major in marketing? This is like Coca Cola deciding they can't be known as Coke. I can't help but wonder if acquiring press credentials from the AD was quid pro quo for backing off on Crossfire and Darrell McPhaul.
  4. I subscribed to this board specifically to have access to Crossfire. I really don't care about what kind of car you would like to drive to DKR, what golf courses to play, or for that matter landscaping (I live in Mexico.) What I do care about is informed opinions about Longhorns sports. During the upheaval last fall and winter this site was nails. Sure, some of the opinions didn't come to fruition, but they were informed opinions from legitimate sources. That's all you can ask for.
  5. Good post Monarch! I don't pretend to know what this year's record will be, but I would bet a ton of money that no one calls this team soft.
  6. What's the excuse this week? Two Fridays have come and gone with no Crossfire. Since this became a pay-site, the content has been miserable.
  7. I'll be sitting with my wife and friends at the Maria Isabella Bar in Ajijic, overlooking Lake Chapala, enjoying hamburgers, hot dogs, and adult libations. Also, the fireworks display over the lake will be spectacular. Wish you were here!
  8. I totally agree on Earl and Vince, would have to add a third place finisher, and it would be a tie: 3a) Tommy Nobis For all of his greatness as a MOB and OG, what I remember most is when he intercepted a pass, he would seem to to try to run over every opponent on the field. His left arm would be pumping up and down like a jack-hammer, and whoever tried to tackle him paid one he'll of a price. 3b) James Street Slick did not have the physical tools to be on the same page with other three guys, but he had the heart, the guts, and the leadership skills to make-up for any deficiencies. After he had the long TD run to get UT back into the game against Arkansas in the Big Shoot-out, a reporter said to DKR that he didn't realize James was that fast. Darrell replied that wasn't, but on the other hand, he couldn't remember anyone catching him from behind.
  9. Not pile on, but I thought Horn Sports announced that Mr. Cosell was going to be the recruiting guy on the site. I don't remember any article by him prior to NSD. What is the story?
  10. Belmont is becoming our version of the Kremlin. There are no leaks. We need a mole.
  11. Does Shanahan have any experience with up-tempo spread offenses?
  12. Why Shanahan? I know he went to UT, but where is his connection to an up-tempo spread offense? Not flaming, just asking.
  13. I was laughing at Doc's post. If his large contributions to the foundation are in the realm of those of McCombs, Jamail, the Hicks brothers, Dell, etc. I'm ready for us to put his statue next to Red's. Let me know where to send my $10 contribution.
  14. I am not, and did not claim to be a BMD. I do appreciate that some people make large donations to this university, and I for one believe they deserve a seat at the table.
  15. I get perplexed at how naive the various boards are becoming. Everyone seems to want to bash the BMDs. People that pay the freight have a right to be heard, not to dictate, but to share their thoughts. I'm sure that everyone is playing nice, and saying the right things, but if Patterson and Powers hadn't thumbed their noses at the BMDs, how long do you think it would take to come up with Chad Morris' buy-out. I'm guessing three phone calls. Do you honestly think major contributors to politicians don't expect access. Like it or not, this is the world we live in. Perhaps they will call us the next time DKR needs a face-lift or new indoor practice facility. I hope all you bashers are ready to write checks with lots of zeros!

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