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  1. I'm not worried about his coaching that much. Only time will tell. I don't really care about recruiting in Florida either. 1. Sitting beside Sumlin, Briles and Stoops...does he land the recruit? 2. Does he leave UT for the NFL fairly quick?
  2. Saban can find a DC thst can figure it out. Remember, its his job to manage everything. That is where we need him.
  3. So we finally made it to Jan 3rd. Without Saban saying flat out I am not coming to Texas, how many days until you yourself think Saban said "no" to the job? Do you expect an announcement Fri, Sat, Sun? I think if Monday morning hits, he is'nt coming. Here's to Sun!
  4. I'll be crazy! He can save the LHN and have both big name carrier contracts signed in Jan!
  5. Yeah, Tapatalk is a pain. Puffin seems to be holding the password better.
  6. Not sure. He's great with QB development. I think I like that he studies the Oregon offense so much. I think his energy would recruit well.
  7. Think Puffin would keep the login stored?
  8. I've had to log in 30 times on my iPhone over the past two days. Not bashing but an app is so needed. Tapatalk is awful and doesn't feel like the rest of the site. Safari won't store the password. Charge us $10 and let's get an app :-)
  9. Am I allowed to be a bit concerned about hiring John? Can he recruit in Texas? Would the ring be enough to recruit? Ravens haven't been overly impressive over the past few years when Ray Lewis isn't on the field. The Ravens offense is boring. Could he get it fast like we want it? I'm just concerned a bit. Make me feel confident in that pick over Briles please.
  10. Nothing there. He's just saying Jimmy and Belichick are the only two names not tied to Texas. No story.
  11. We had two candidates play yesterday and I'm praying there isn't a coaching announcement today. Each day is better and better.
  12. Not an insider. Some are wondering about the Mack situation with negotiations, coaching the last game, and staying on as an assistant to the president. I'd be willing to bet $1,000 he steps away completely the day after our hire. He's just trying one last time to make sure certain people don't replace him. Watch. He'll walk the day after the announcement, and he'll do it with a smile if he had an influence.

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