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  1. There was once a Chinese restaurant in Missouri that distinguished itself (among MANY) with it's own recipe of chicken wings. I mean, these chicken wings were flat out awesome. They were floured and deep fried but had a strong garlic taste along with a spicy red pepper but also had sweetness to the coating for a truly unique and one of a kind taste than all of the other Chinese restaurants. These wings were so popular, that lines were becoming the norm for this place at lunchtime and the noon buffet. Folks literally could not get their fill of these wings. New management came along and determined that the other dishes on the buffet were not being sold or eaten and that they were basically turning into a wing house. So, they took the wings off the buffet and turned them into a menu only item. Buffet traffic dropped dramatically but take-out orders for the wings remained strong. So, now they weren't selling hardly anything on their buffet anymore while their competition rejoiced at their stupidity. Finally, they put wings back on the buffet but traditional Chinese recipe wings, The Hot-Garlic, Sweet Wings were a special order only. They made a major ad push to show that their other products were even better than those wings. Within a year, they were closed and out of business. Turned out, people just missed what brought them and their friends there in the first place. And management, while not their original business plan, couldn't understand that fate had given them a chance to stand out in the market and against their competition and set a new standard that they would be known for. All because they didn't want to be known for something they didn't like or care for. They thought the customers wouldn't miss the reason they came. They were wrong. I miss Crossfire and hearing the behind the scenes stuff. Like it or not, it's the reason so many of us came here. May not be considered important (or palatable) to the new management or something they don't want to be known for but fate gave you guys a gift...and you'd rather throw it away than be known for something you didn't plan on. Yeah, I know..."too bad hornrush!" I get it. Boocoo dinky dau! Hook'em!
  2. I said this in my first posting about the offense. I didn't want to simply re-post stuff that you have now on Hornsports, OB, IT, HD...et al. They have a lot on Malcom and pretty in-depth stuff. The info I have on him is almost word for word the same stuff that OB did a couple of days ago and I don't want to be accused of plagiarism or being something I'm not. So I stayed away from it hoping someone would ask. You did. And here's what I didn't write. Malcom Brown is another one, like Reed, who is born again...hard. His motor is going all the time in practice and he is geared for a break-out season this year. Still gets beat sometimes, especially on double teams but he's like a rock and doesn't give ground easily. Best part is that after he gets beat on one play, he comes back even harder the next play. Rumph really likes this guy. See? Read OB or HD latest articles and chats about Brown and it's like we're all talking with the exact same source or that I'm just gleaning info from them and claiming it as my own. I don't want to ever give that impression. That's not what I'm about. Thanks for the question and allowing me to clear that up. Hook'em!
  3. I'm going to give what I have. But before I begin, I sincerely apologize for the lack of depth about the secondary. I'm quite sure I'll get nailed on that but I've found out that I probably won't be getting any new updates or reports for a while so I'm going to post what my eyes and ears there are telling me. So let's begin. DLINE This may be the most solidified and reliable part of the team. That does NOT mean the best part of the team just yet but right now, it is the one part of the team that the staff and those who have watched feel is the foundation that this defense and this team will build on. The two big studs here are Tank Jackson and Ced Reed. There have been times where they have been beat or held at bay...but not many. Right now, Reed seems to have not only rededicated himself and bought in whole hog with Charlie Strong's philosophy, he has also found a second and yes, a third gear. Playing the strong side may not be as sexy on the stat sheet this fall but if it takes 2 linemen and a back to help account for him, this is going to free up people like Jackson and Shiro Davis. The best part of all is that Chris Rumph seems to have a full rotation of solid players that he can move in and out depending upon the situation without much loss. For instance, Caleb Bluiett can spell Davis during certain sets of the offense while Ridgeway can handle either tackle position. These guys aren't All-Americans or the dominating defensive line from '83. Not yet anyway. But if they step up in time for UCLA and gain the kind of confidence in winning the battle at the LOS in that game, Katie bar the door. It seems from all eyes that this group, while not lacking in confidence, doesn't seem to be overtly pounding their chests like they are already world beaters. Rumph is doing a great job in keeping them in the moment. In fact, he's using one of my old baseball terms after someone makes a mistake. "..get up and get ready for the most important play of game! The MOST IMPORTANT PLAY OF THE GAME...THE NEXT PLAY!" All this group needs is to play well and dominate against a really good offense like UCLA, Baylor or the okies and they'll take off. Strength and conditioning will not be an issue with these guys this year. Everyone wants on the field and the competition and camaraderie (at least for now) is great. LINEBACKERS This is where I asked for the hardest look and I had specific questions I hoped to get answers to. Warning. This kinda goes against what this and other sites have been saying about the linebackers. First, Jordan Hicks is the unquestioned leader of this group. But so he was the last two seasons. There seems to be an abundance of everyone relying on Hicks to make the calls, in coordination with Diggs in the secondary. This is concerning simply because Hicks has gone down early the last two seasons in a row and Edmond just can't make the same calls with the same confidence and accuracy and we find our LB corps guessing more than making plays. However, this past week, Brian Jean-Mary seems to be making an effort to not just get Edmond to get the calls right, but he is also relying on DeMarco Cobbs. That's right. Cobbs is playing every practice like his hair is on fire. If Hicks goes down, look for Cobbs to be the first to fill in. He seems to have picked up where Edmond and even Santos have left off by not only making the same calls with Diggs but the right calls as well. Second, What a difference Brian Jean-Mary is making. These guys are being taught not just how to hit and where to be, they're being taught how to tackle, hand and feet technique, and how and why to take the proper angles and running through the ball carrier. In fact, it's a trait the entire defense is carrying forward in every practice and when they don't take those angles or use the proper techniques in tackling, the entire unit pays for it. In other words, these guys, all of the LBs, are finally being coached and held accountable for what they do on every...single...play. Third. Individually, there are some concerns. Obviously, Hicks and his health. While not noticed by many, Hicks has been absent a couple of practices and portions of at least one more. I mean, not on the field at all. We're hoping that he can stay healthy because this group needs him, badly. When he is out there performing he is something to watch. Hicks can play in the NFL and be productive. His has lost a little speed but it could also be that's he's still nursing the Achilles. Jinkens seems to be the starter on the strong side but Jinkens so far this camp hasn't been as dominating as some have seen him to be in the past. Most of the time, he's there making plays but the fire seems to be missing from him a bit. In one-on-one and bull ring, his fire is noticeably present and he makes good use of it. No one can really put their finger on it but there just seems to be something different about Jinkens in live scrimmages. Perhaps he just needs the fire of real competition in games to push him back and allow him to break through that wall that linebackers seem to face more than most on a football team. Steve Edmond is bigger, faster (if you can believe it) and stronger than he's ever been at 40 acres. He still though has trouble with shedding blocks. Too often, by the time he's off the block and making the tackle, he's already given up 5 yard beyond the LOS. His passing game protection is much better and he seems to have a nose for the football. Santos is just the opposite. His strength is getting off blocks and slamming the running game. Edmond though has separated himself enough from Santos and the mediocre spring he had and seems to have solidified his starting position at MLB. Santos and Cobbs look to be the first in the rotation while Tevin Jackson and Tim Cole are both having an up and down camp thus far and Mary is constantly teaching and trying to keep the fire lit between them both. Beck showed promise early but I'm told he's been moved to tight end? That one baffled me as well. Overall, if these guys can stay healthy and fill the gaps that will be created by the DLine play, this defense could be salty. Their biggest weakness? The mid-range passing game. Which brings me to the DEFENSIVE BACKS I don't have much here simply because not a lot of focus from my reports were on the DBs. So this will be an in general report without much meat with specific names and players. First there seems to be a significant rotation to who's playing where. One name that can be mentioned is Dylan Haines. The kid may not have the foot speed to keep up with the speedier receivers but so far, he has an outstanding first step read and is where is supposed to be when the ball gets there or the ball carrier gets there. He is also very much in tune with Quandre Diggs as to the rotation of coverages just before the ball is snapped. His instincts, his ability to be where he is supposed to be, work ethic and fearlessness as a hitter have kept him in with 1's for most of camp. I don't know if he'll start or be the starter at the end of the year but the kid gets it and he is balls out on every play and in the right place on every play thus far. Diggs is having a great camp. Really has come into his own and he, Hicks and Reed are the unquestioned leaders of this defense. As to who plays corner and the other safety spot? Pick a name from the various reports from Hornsports, OB and many others. It truly varies from day to day. It's not much on the secondary but overall, they aren't quite gelling as quickly as the other groups on the defense. A lot of Ash's balls are being completed in that 7-15 yard range and so far, it's driving Vance Bedford crazy. They're also a little out of sync on tackling angles and finishing plays. My guys all agree that they'll get there in time. But in time for UCLA and Baylor and then ou? That's the 64 million dollar question. In summary, the strength of the DLine and LBs should be enough for the Horns to get through the first two games pretty well. But the secondary better have gelled by the time they meet UCLA or it could be a track meet. Again, not much sunshine pumping, just a sober look from those who are there. Thanks for your time. Hook'em!
  4. I have some info on defense but right now, it's not as in depth on the secondary as it should be. I'm a former linebacker (and unfortunately I'm blessed with a linebacker's mentality which my wife has been trying to train out of me for over 30 years!) and most of the focus from my friends has been on....you guessed it, linebackers. Until I get something more than what you're getting from the other sites, I don't want to repeat what you're reading from them. I think I gave a little more than what OB, SB, IT and HD has on offense and I would like to do the same on defense. When I get something a little more in-depth and meaningful, I'll post it, here and on 247. Thanks. Hook'em!
  5. Slim and others have asked me to stay. So, I'll give you guys this and see how things go from here. This information is garnered from friends of mine who have seen some of the practices. Please don't ask who or if they're inside or not. This isn't about getting anyone into trouble or trying to sound self important. It's just a culmination of info that I thought you might find interesting. Some thoughts...on the team thus far. QUARTERBACK All true what you've read so far about Ash. I'll add this. I'm told by several that he's still waiting that extra beat for the receiver to start to come open before he makes the throw. On those square outs and skinny posts, the ball has got to leave his hand a beat sooner and thrown to a spot. This is concerning for a reason. This was supposed to have happened in summer sessions. While he was hobbled for most that time, it shows just how important the time he missed really was. Swoopes is still a project and a major one at that. Those I've spoken to just don't believe he'll quite make it to be a reliable back-up. Comparisons to VY notwithstanding, he just doesn't seem to have the natural QB instincts. He's being forced fed because he's a physically gifted athlete. This comparison is really highlighted when you see Heard right after him. Heard is going to be a very good QB when the time comes. RUNNING BACKS Man these two guys are flat out ready to start the season now. We can only pray that Brown and Gray don't go down to injury because as it stands now, there's a noticeable drop-off behind them. RECEIVERS Right now this is an area of concern with Shipley being out. If any one of the youngsters, especially someone like Warrick or Grey can start catching everything thrown at them, they'll get their chance. One P.S. to this, Lorenzo Joe started camp like a house afire but (reportedly) has hit a wall in recent practices. TIGHT ENDS How this position continues to be a black hole is beyond reason. The fact is, if someone, ANYONE could step up and catch the ball on a consistent basis, the staff would think blocking 2nd. Right now, catching the football is the exception and not the norm for this group. McFarland caught a long pass that made everyone go ooh and ahh but no one mentions the drops leading up to that catch. If this position became Ash's security blanket, this offense would become a power house very quickly. Right now, they're more of wet blanket for this offense than anything else. LINEMEN Estelle seems to have turned a corner but there are still moments when you look and say, "what the heck was he thinking there?" He'll have his work cut out for him protecting Ash's blind side so Ash better find this guy a good steak house. Harrison? If this was about one-on-ones, Harrison is awesome. It isn't. He has to not just be able to think and read defenses and get the calls right, he's got to do it without thinking about it. You can almost see him thinking in his head, especially during reach blocking and blitz assignments, what he supposed to do. Again, the clock is ticking. Will the light come on for him or just continue to flicker? Espinosa is the smartest of the bunch and seems to get all of the calls right at the LOS. He still, though, STILL gets beat at the point of attack far too often and especially during passing situations. I know we need him in there to lead the offense and Wickline is using him as his anchor. (Hell, who else has he got???) But there will still be times this year where's he going to beat...and it will happen quickly. The rest of the linemen right now are pretty much on a par as far as their learning curve versus their abilities. One person has stood out though. Jake Raulerson is probably the most instinctive and smartest lineman there is out there. If he were 30 lbs heavier and with what he's shown, he would probably be your starting tackle or center. He's got the gift...he just needs to grow into it. One final aspect to the offense is KICKER. It would appear that anything from about 35 yards in will be pretty safe. Beyond 40 yards? Right now, it's crap shoot and that's not good. This team needs another weapon and having a reliable kicker who can give you a 85-90% success rate from 41-49 yards for this team would be a helluva weapon. Especially with this defense and facing teams like the okies. It appears the kicking game, right now anyway, will be a "hold your breath and pray" moment every time they take the field. I know this isn't sunshine pumping but it's a sober look at what things look like, a little more than 2 weeks out from the start of the season. Hook'em!
  6. For me, I came to this site right after it started and during the meltdown and venom of OB and because McPhaul and I have always had a cordial and respectful relationship. Crossfire was why I became a paying member. I've mentioned the inconsistencies before and was more or less told to mind my tongue. Well, I have and things have not improved. The staff needs to know that if your marquee item, your biggest selling point isn't delivered and paying members are given excuses and lip service, then the biggest reason for coming here is gone. I've enjoyed the time here and I hope you get your problems worked out. But I won't be renewing at the end of this month. Hook'em!
  7. Right after Strong was hired, Stoops said to his assistants, "They hired the right guy." I think Stoops knows that the days of laughing at Mack Brown and Texas in Dallas are over. Hook'em!
  8. Thanks. Can you pin it so its the first thing seen by members when they load the forum page? Just a thought.
  9. Is there a problem? If there were ever a time where the need for consistency in rolling out the Q&A and Crossfire, this would seem to be it. Not even a notice or reason. I want to believe in you guys but c'mon...communicate with us. Hook'em!
  10. Pretty spot on. Royal was the unquestioned leader although his best teams had a tough as nails QB understand that as the most important person on team, they had to lead his team whether they liked it or not. Not sure young Mr. Ash gets that part. As for Akers (I mean "hey-diddle-diddle-let's-run-up-the-middle") he was a Yutz and while he didn't lead the "Long Knives" to stab DKR in the back, he didn't do anything to stop it and Coach Royal never forgot that. It's also why Frank Broyles still won't give Akers the time of day. Hook'em!
  11. Arkie. Man did I call that one after aggie's first season in the SEC over on TOS. Got laughed at pretty good too as I recall. Hook'em!
  12. So I take it that last Friday's Crossfire is out and we're looking to this Friday for the next Crossfire? Or will there be two this week? Sorry, a bit confused. Hook'em!
  13. I had asked after your last Crossfire how to pronounce his last name. Is it okay to ask and answer now? Hook'em!

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