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  1. There's always hope Jim.
  2. Jim be safe and have a great trip. Post some pics of you and the Mrs. at the falls-unless you're like me and don't know how.
  3. Pretty much says it all. And in my opinion the fact that Mack hasn't lifted a finger to help CS is shameful.
  4. If it's truly Skip's team then in my opinion Patterson should give Augie 1 year and that's it. Hopefully Skip will change the offensive philosophy-I'm really tired of small ball.
  5. Very excited to hear about realignment coming. The Big 12 is dying a slow death in opinion. Darrell you got any idea how involved Patterson has been with initiating realignment talks?
  6. I just want to see Charlie play the folks that give the team the best chance to win,something Mack didn't always do.
  7. I'm a little surprised at the number of losses you're predicting especially Kstate.
  8. Jim have a safe trip. Hopefully you're more capable than me with a camera and computer and you can send us some pictures from your trip.
  9. I didn't get to see the game. I'm curious if you noticed any difference in the "physicality" of the players and your thoughts on the o line in particular.
  10. Joey I want to say thanks for all the updating you've provided us. Today's game shows being televised on ESPNU at 2:30 for those that get it.
  11. I suggested to McPhaul they have his picture on the back.For some reason he's hesitant.
  12. Mcp at my age I don't even buy green bananas.
  13. Welcome aboard Mike-you're going to enjoy this group.
  14. I gotta think the defense will garner more respect at the outset than the offense. I think a mean streak on defense is more noticeable than offense too.
  15. Just got in from working in my garden and signed on. Great new look brother! Congrats to you,Whis and all the others involved with the upgrade.You guys keep up the great work-this thing is ready to blow up.
  16. Good stuff Darrell. I'm curious is it only aggy that a case is being built against regarding recruiting or are other $ec schools included?

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