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  • Birthday 02/08/1955

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    Blanco Texas
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    Enjoy fishing and hunting. i have a large garden I spend a lot of time in.

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  1. There's always hope Jim.
  2. Jim be safe and have a great trip. Post some pics of you and the Mrs. at the falls-unless you're like me and don't know how.
  3. Pretty much says it all. And in my opinion the fact that Mack hasn't lifted a finger to help CS is shameful.
  4. If it's truly Skip's team then in my opinion Patterson should give Augie 1 year and that's it. Hopefully Skip will change the offensive philosophy-I'm really tired of small ball.
  5. Very excited to hear about realignment coming. The Big 12 is dying a slow death in opinion. Darrell you got any idea how involved Patterson has been with initiating realignment talks?
  6. I just want to see Charlie play the folks that give the team the best chance to win,something Mack didn't always do.
  7. I'm a little surprised at the number of losses you're predicting especially Kstate.
  8. Jim have a safe trip. Hopefully you're more capable than me with a camera and computer and you can send us some pictures from your trip.
  9. I didn't get to see the game. I'm curious if you noticed any difference in the "physicality" of the players and your thoughts on the o line in particular.
  10. Joey I want to say thanks for all the updating you've provided us. Today's game shows being televised on ESPNU at 2:30 for those that get it.
  11. I suggested to McPhaul they have his picture on the back.For some reason he's hesitant.

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