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  1. He's not Case-like at all. He has legitimate D1 QB tools.
  2. He could be the missing piece for a Final Four run
  3. I have confidence as long as he meets with Strong as well. Strong is more impressive than Bernie Mack, especially for a defensive recruit.
  4. So they get their quotes from Mack?
  5. He talks about whatever the most people want to listen to. Apparently the Texas coaching search story is popular nation wide.
  6. Are these the infamous "three amigos" ?
  7. Can you at least tell us what he brushes his teeth with? Is it butter?
  8. I think it's time we start airing Mack's dirt. Do you guys have any good stories you've been sitting on?
  9. He has the angelic voice of a baby's fart
  10. Would be a strong move for recruiting
  11. If the rumors are true of who Mack prefers as our next HC, he should definitely stay out of the loop

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