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  1. Stalag 17 is my fav. Bridge On The River Kwai is a close second
  2. It does not take a rocket scientist to understand that some kind of deal was made with Bellmont in exchange for press credentials. Bellmont has always tried to control the message. So I am betting we traded DD for our new esteemed new AD and he is as big of a control message freak as Dodds ever was. I just wish ya'll had told us 18 days ago.
  3. When You guys added Darrell and started Crossfire he gave ya'll a big boost and ya'll used it to get a lot of publicity at the time. A lot of people joined just because of Darrell no question. To go 18 days forward without a true explanation of why Darrell was stopped is a little bit chicken sh*t. No problem. Looks like I just saved myself 5 bucks a month.
  4. Can Ya'll fix it so that it automatically renews us month to month?
  5. A lot of sheep in other States are going to sleep much better...............
  6. I admit I wanted a higher profile Coach but I think CFS is a home run. He has an amazing staff and that includes Watson. The opposing teams in the Big 12 had better do it while they can cause in about 2 years Charlie Strong will own the Big 12.
  7. Perry has worked for the State his entire life and coming from a poor family he has done well on the Government tit. He is worth millions and millions.
  8. DougNTexas

    Powers rumor

    I kinda doubt George Soros has much say in the State of Texas as the entire State Government from the Supreme Court down is Republican.
  9. Yet we balked at going to the SEC. OU sucks as much as any one in the SEC from cheating right on down to this kind of crap.
  10. It is hard with the QB situation so unsettled. If Ash stays healthy all season then 10-2 at least. If Ash misses several games again it might be as low as 7-5.
  11. Did I wake up on Orangebloods today? Duke, to bad our AD did not pick up his phone and call You before he hired a Head Coach. You could have saved so much trouble by getting him to hire Sumlin. Good thing you were not around in December 1941. You could have had Roosevelt just go ahead and join Toto and Hitlers side.
  12. Doc I am more then willing to ship a&m out of the State of Texas. Say maybe to Mississippi permanently?
  13. I hate Arkansas, but I would take them back in a heartbeat. Arkansas and LSU would be my two choices, I am not that high on BYU at all. I hope it happens quickly.

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