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  1. Sad day for our great University. This whole scenario reminds me of nothing so much as the rift created when DKR stepped down and the BMDs insisted on Akers over Campbell. The original "spilling of the BBs." It lead to a 20 yr. wander in the desert.
  2. Patterson may or may not be good for UT but Chip's article is nothing but propaganda. As far as "journalism" I think it's time some reporter looked into Chip and his reasons for his one-man crusade. He's made himself part of this story whether intentional or not. It seems personal. Today's piece and the one from Jun. have too many misstatements of fact and innuendo for me to give it a passing grade vis a vis its "journalism."
  3. Your outrage is impressive, no doubt. Your rhetoric is Shaggy Bevo-esque.
  4. Duke Your post is filled with strawmen and hyperbole. Patterson was not hired based on his 20 months at ASU. He was hired for his record at the Houston Texans, the Houston Rockets and the Portland Trailblazers. As VP of facilities for the Texans, he was in charge of building Reliant Stadium. At Portland, he completely reworked the financials and put a team that was hemorrhaging money into the black. According to some I've talked to, fundraising is on track. The BOR apporved the new tennis facility last month so fundraising can begin in earnest. The AD is waiting for approval for the SEZ so fundraising for that hasn't really begun. SP has been in talks with some BMD to alert them to new possible "naming" opportunities on the horizon. We'll see what happens with that. In the meantime, general fundraising is ahead of this time last year. Along with the many changes going on at the AD, there is a change in the old guard of BMDs because they are just that - OLD. There's a new generation of future billionaires out there that may be ready to step up and replace the giving of McCombs, Jamail, etc. Some of these have interests in Dubai. Some of these live in NYC and LA. Patterson has made trips to these and other cities to meet with these donors. You may refer to these trips as "shopping sprees" but business is being conducted and any personal items Yasmin picked up she charged to her own CC.
  5. Did you read the email in the article or do you think the CFO for UT Athletics is lying? Dave Marmion, "The savings from this initiative will also be used to help fund the additional student-athlete meals we are now allowed to provide under new NCAA rules." In case people haven't been paying attention, the old ways of doing things are rapidly going by the wayside. Previous, the NCAA was ruled by the little guys in Div. 1A. One school-one vote gave the power to the low budget schools that wanted low scholarship limits, limited coaching staffs and a ceiling on cost of attendance. With the P5's autonomy, all costs will be going up. Some way up. If you want to play with the big boys, you're going to have to pony up. On the other hand, it's probable but not certain that the players will unionize. One of the by products of that will be greater transparency. Sloppy bookkeeping or expenses/profits under the table, like under Deloss, will be a thing of the past. Everything about the way the AD did business in the past is now under the microscope. Things going forward will have to pass scrutiny from a court of law. You never know when a walk-on or 3rd string scholarship athlete will try to drag you into court. Patterson took on a mess and it not only coincided with a time of rebuilding (literally) at the University but at a time of great upheaval in college athletics. His $1.4MM salary may prove to be a bargain. On the other hand, he may crash and burn. Way too early to judge. Hook 'em.
  6. It's strange how these same sports writers just a little over a year ago ( Apr. '14) were shocked when Shabazz Napier said he went to bed hungry. (paraphrasing)We have starving student/athletes and coaches making $5mm per year - the horror!(paraphrasing) Now dining halls are preparing to feed our athletes unlimited meals around the clock and some of the coaches will have to buy their own - and that's terrible! Outrage is hard. Sometimes I get confused at where to direct it. Good thing I have SBNation & CBSSports.com to keep me straight.
  7. This may be the all time record for number of strawmen in 1 post.
  8. Patterson may have made some "mistakes" but overall I think he has done a good job. Certainly there has been no "devaluing," "whoring," or "material harm." As for your last claim, IMO it was Fenves who was closer to "lying" about the funding than Patterson.
  9. I see a lot of head-cases among those labeled as "busts." Perhaps a product of the pampered, entitled atmosphere surrounding Texas HS football? I like those hungry Fla players.
  10. Boren is not an academic, he's a politician. It seems like every year about this time (going back to at least '11) he wants something from the Big 12 and he takes his case to the media. He loves the attention and he usually gets what he wants, except for Louisville. We know he wants a 12 team Big 12, he's said it repeatedly. Whatever else he said, I don't think you can take it for face value. One thing you can be sure of, he's angling for something.
  11. Maybe saying we had the lowest salaries in the Big 12 is a huge stretch and not accurate. Oklahoma State's quality control coaches made just over $15K in 2014. And, it appears Iowa State paid "graduate" assistants around $20K last season with no "quality control assistants" on staff. Kansas State appears to have paid their quality control assistants $25K/year. Oklahoma appears to have paid the most to their quality control assistants at $30K-$35K/year. There is no data for TCU or Baylor salaries because they are private schools and do not have to report salary information. Kansas only lists 3 QC on their staff directory. West Virginia does not list any on their staff directory and their website only shows them using "graduate" assistants paid at just over $16K/year. Texas Tech does not list any QC on their website. Oklahoma & OSU list 3 QC on their staff directory. Baylor employs 2 QC. TCU employs 3 analysts. It looks like UT is not very far (if any) behind the curve in the Big 12. I imagine Coach Strong won't have any trouble filling the vacancies. Info came from the DMN, the websites of the individual school and poster DougReeder on HornsDigest. http://res.dallasnews.com/graphics/2015_04/collegesalaries/?hootPostID=010bbcb4321deb56f09c9e977f6ca4a9
  12. Well, you should stick to your guns, pilgrim. Believe only half of what you see and nothing that you hear/read.
  13. I agree with Bobby - Chip's bs is getting old. A year ago, CB was all for taking the $15MM for the tennis facility and building at 51st & Guadalupe. By waiting, SP has managed to make space within the on-campus sports complex. The tennis program is better off in the long run. As a member of HornsDigest, I've tried to question CB on the elephant in the room, IMO - the $50MM the AD is obligated to "share" with the central university. That's an astounding sum for an athletic program to pay out to their school. How many coaches meals and plane rides would that cover for our athletes? Where is this money coming from? Is it LHN money? Is it $5MM/yr. paid out over 10 yrs? If so, then that cast a whole different light on Chip's version of how the tennis facility is funded. McComas on TOS said today that the baseball team had requested the bus trips (over a plane ride) as a better way of team bonding. As for the QC personnel, all we really know is SP said he wouldn't pay 8 guys $50000/yr. each. Would he go to $45K? We don't know. It was my understanding that under Mack, we had 2-3 QC and they didn't survive the coaching change. If that's so, correct me if I'm wrong, the current guys have only been here a little over a yr. They came into this situation with eye wide open and now a year later, they're leaving because of low pay? That's what Chip would have you believe. QC is an entry level, resume-building type position that people don't usually stick for more than 1-2 yrs. anyway. That segment of the article doesn't pass the smell test, IMO. As for the band and the volleyball team, we're basically doing what every other school is doing re: travel and expenses. One-sided article, but timing (silly season) guarantees a big national splash. Ho hum, can't wait for kickoff. Hook 'em.
  14. 49 career starts belonged to Espy & Estelle. After they were gone (game 1) we had nothing.
  15. Doc nailed it. And if it was up to SP we would've had beer at DKR in '14. Cigarroa put the kibosh on that.
  16. First off, I thought the apologist in this fight were the Perry sycophants who wanted to turn UT into a diploma mill at $10,000 per degree. Ag The 1000 number is the amount of holds placed over a 6 year period. Of those, only 73 had less than 1100 SAT and a 2.9 HS grade average. An applicant with a "hold" is not necessarily unqualified. Although, many of the holds, because of limited class size and the 10% rule may not have been admitted without the intervention of the President's office, which is well within his right to do. Did we really need ANOTHER thread on this?
  17. In this country you can be arrested and tried for the appearance of breaking the law. But you can't be found guilty for appearances. Let's try to stick to the facts. Hook 'em.
  18. driftwood, When you actually read the Kroll report. . .you will find it states (as I quoted either above or on the other thread about the Kroll report) it found Powers actions in violation of state law. . . . . . Not sure how that is ethic or legal but the spin is tiresome. . . . No spin, just facts.
  19. I'm not sure where eveyone is getting their information. I went back and re-read the article from the DMN for the 3rd time thinking I'd missed something. I've read pretty much every article written on this matter the last few years, from the Daily Texan to the Wall Street Journal. I've not finished reading the Kroll report (107 pp.) but I'm working on it. This was the second investigation of the President's office and the admissions policies. Power's opponents were not happy with the results of the first one and specifically tasked Kroll to investigate Powers to determine if he and his actions were "beyond reproach." Power's life and career have been under a microscope going on several years. These are the facts, so far: There's been no evidence of lying or cover-up by Powers or even any substantive allegations of same. There's been no evidence of unethical behavior by Powers. There's been no evidence of illegal behavior by Powers. There's been no evidence of any quid-pro-quo, in fact just the opposite. Both investigations specifically state there's been no quid-pro-quo. The Kroll report states: "Kroll found no existing law or statute, Regents Rule or UT- System Policy concerning how much weight to give “external†recommendations (letters, phone calls, inquiries) in the admissions process.For many years, the practice of the Board of Regents, the Chancellor, and UT-System has been to forward letters and inquiries about applicants to the UT-Austin President’s Office.This practice implicitly suggests that the President of UT-Austin oversees the Admissions Office and is the final arbiter in the admissions process. If the President of UT- Austin, as a matter of law or policy, is to play a different role in admissions determinations, it would seem incumbent upon the legislature or the Board of Regents to enact a law or rule that so states. No such rule or law presently exists. Finally, while much of our investigation and many of our findings cover a period of time during which Bill Powers has been President of UT-Austin, the system presently in place, and the decision-making authority exercised by the President’s Office over Admissions, existed long before President Powers took office." Rick Perry, that's right - the guy who's about to go on trial for abuse of office, and his cronies have been after Powers for 7 years. Hall and others have turned over every rock and basically found nothing. That's not just my opinion. Based on their actions a majority of the BOR and Chancellor McRaven, a man clearly above reproach, seem to agree with me. Power's has, under severe duress, performed his job admirably. For really the first time in history, the University is living up to its constitutional mandate and widely recognized as a university of the first class. In the meantime, Powers has raised over $3 billion dollars for the academic mission of the University over the last 7 years. Truly a job well done. Hook 'em.
  20. Joeywa I'd like to once again thank you for doing this. It's a great way to follow the game. With my Dish, I now get an opportunity to watch at least 28 games already slated to be shown on TV! I'm hoping for another great season ending in a trip to Omaha. Hook 'em.
  21. The only thing you can thank Wallace Hall for is wasting millions of dollars of taxpayer money. Nothing that was not already well known has been brought to light and no policy or policies will be changed because of this. Powers has followed established policy and his successor will undoubtedly do the same. There is no black eye and no public shame except perhaps that which has been brought about by the occupant of the Governor's Mansion. Hook 'em.
  22. In the interest of full disclosure, the constitutional mandate in 1876 for a university of the first-class wouldn't have been worth the paper it was written on unless the legislature ponied up SOMETHING. But Texas had no money so the university was little more than a dream. One thing the state did have was "public land." As a mostly good faith effort, the state set aside a large parcel of W. Texas land for the future university. A large portion of land that went to make up the Permanent University Fund (about a million acres) came from land deeded to railroads for right-of-way. The Texas and Pacific RR gave back said 1 MM acres to the state because it was deemed to worthless to survey. It was only good for grazing and not much for that. We're probably talking pennies per acre. It was more like a gift from God than the citizens of Texas when oil was discovered in 1923. The rest, as they say, is history. Hook 'em.
  23. The article didn't say anything about Powers "lying." It hinted that he may have with held all the facts. General rule of thumb, when you're being questioned by lawyers - limit your answer to only what's being asked. If counsel didn't get all the information they were seeking, that's on them. To say that everyone does it, is to sound simple-minded. Not only does everyone do it, everyone has always done it - going all the way back to Greece and Alexandria. Schools and scholars have always been beholden to their patrons. Now, in this country, we once had the ideal that every citizen deserved a good, public (free) education. That ideal has long since fallen by the wayside. To call our beloved University a "public institution" has become somewhat of a mis-nomer. Only something like 12% of funding comes from the public purse today. But more than ever, politicians want to meddle in the day-to-day functions of running a large university of the first-class. That's the mandate of the Texas constitution. But it's harder than ever to maintain those standards and be a full-time fund raiser to boot. That's the job of the President of our University. The real question to me is: if everyone is doing it, why was Powers singled out. The answer is easy. He was the only one to publicly stand up to Perry and his so-called "Seven Breakthrough Solutions." This whole thing has been a political charade since the beginning. Perry came very close to winning this thing and forever damaging the University we all love. Thank God for Bill Powers. Hook 'em.

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