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  1. Sad day for our great University. This whole scenario reminds me of nothing so much as the rift created when DKR stepped down and the BMDs insisted on Akers over Campbell. The original "spilling of the BBs." It lead to a 20 yr. wander in the desert.
  2. Patterson may or may not be good for UT but Chip's article is nothing but propaganda. As far as "journalism" I think it's time some reporter looked into Chip and his reasons for his one-man crusade. He's made himself part of this story whether intentional or not. It seems personal. Today's piece and the one from Jun. have too many misstatements of fact and innuendo for me to give it a passing grade vis a vis its "journalism."
  3. Your outrage is impressive, no doubt. Your rhetoric is Shaggy Bevo-esque.
  4. Duke Your post is filled with strawmen and hyperbole. Patterson was not hired based on his 20 months at ASU. He was hired for his record at the Houston Texans, the Houston Rockets and the Portland Trailblazers. As VP of facilities for the Texans, he was in charge of building Reliant Stadium. At Portland, he completely reworked the financials and put a team that was hemorrhaging money into the black. According to some I've talked to, fundraising is on track. The BOR apporved the new tennis facility last month so fundraising can begin in earnest. The AD is waiting for approval for the SEZ
  5. Did you read the email in the article or do you think the CFO for UT Athletics is lying? Dave Marmion, "The savings from this initiative will also be used to help fund the additional student-athlete meals we are now allowed to provide under new NCAA rules." In case people haven't been paying attention, the old ways of doing things are rapidly going by the wayside. Previous, the NCAA was ruled by the little guys in Div. 1A. One school-one vote gave the power to the low budget schools that wanted low scholarship limits, limited coaching staffs and a ceiling on cost of attendance. Wit
  6. It's strange how these same sports writers just a little over a year ago ( Apr. '14) were shocked when Shabazz Napier said he went to bed hungry. (paraphrasing)We have starving student/athletes and coaches making $5mm per year - the horror!(paraphrasing) Now dining halls are preparing to feed our athletes unlimited meals around the clock and some of the coaches will have to buy their own - and that's terrible! Outrage is hard. Sometimes I get confused at where to direct it. Good thing I have SBNation & CBSSports.com to keep me straight.
  7. This may be the all time record for number of strawmen in 1 post.
  8. Patterson may have made some "mistakes" but overall I think he has done a good job. Certainly there has been no "devaluing," "whoring," or "material harm." As for your last claim, IMO it was Fenves who was closer to "lying" about the funding than Patterson.
  9. I see a lot of head-cases among those labeled as "busts." Perhaps a product of the pampered, entitled atmosphere surrounding Texas HS football? I like those hungry Fla players.
  10. Boren is not an academic, he's a politician. It seems like every year about this time (going back to at least '11) he wants something from the Big 12 and he takes his case to the media. He loves the attention and he usually gets what he wants, except for Louisville. We know he wants a 12 team Big 12, he's said it repeatedly. Whatever else he said, I don't think you can take it for face value. One thing you can be sure of, he's angling for something.
  11. Maybe saying we had the lowest salaries in the Big 12 is a huge stretch and not accurate. Oklahoma State's quality control coaches made just over $15K in 2014. And, it appears Iowa State paid "graduate" assistants around $20K last season with no "quality control assistants" on staff. Kansas State appears to have paid their quality control assistants $25K/year. Oklahoma appears to have paid the most to their quality control assistants at $30K-$35K/year. There is no data for TCU or Baylor salaries because they are private schools and do not have to report salary information. Kansas only lists
  12. Well, you should stick to your guns, pilgrim. Believe only half of what you see and nothing that you hear/read.
  13. I agree with Bobby - Chip's bs is getting old. A year ago, CB was all for taking the $15MM for the tennis facility and building at 51st & Guadalupe. By waiting, SP has managed to make space within the on-campus sports complex. The tennis program is better off in the long run. As a member of HornsDigest, I've tried to question CB on the elephant in the room, IMO - the $50MM the AD is obligated to "share" with the central university. That's an astounding sum for an athletic program to pay out to their school. How many coaches meals and plane rides would that cover for our athletes?
  14. 49 career starts belonged to Espy & Estelle. After they were gone (game 1) we had nothing.

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