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  1. Plonsky hired a man to coach a women's sport? OMG?!?!?!?!?!!!!!?!?!?!
  2. At what point does moving to the SEC become an option? Or does it, because it seems like our fan base is getting flustered and frustrated by the rise of A&M, the popularity of the SEC, and it's growing impact but yet we think we are too good to be part of the SEC. And some people just think it's as simple as adding BYU? Please.
  3. Doesn't the tournament help get Big 12 teams in and improve seeding for certain teams? Couldn't you argue without it, the conference might be hurt come tournament time?
  4. Dude you are emotional/heat of the moment. Would you be advocating to getting rid of the tournament if we had won it and the pitcher not get hurt?
  5. 1. Florida or Georgia 2. Tennessee or Virginia Tech @ the Georgia Dome 3. @ Miami
  6. Who exactly did he want as the HC? It's clear he doesn't like Strong. Why I wonder....
  7. Why is her not coaching again perceived as "good news"? What does that have to do with anything?
  8. Part of leadership is not being reactionary and seeing the big picture. Apparently, that has escaped you. Everyone here (except you) knows that Strong's first season hasn't even resulted in a game being played.
  9. I don't think people are accusing him of being negative or a hater. I question the fact that he's come up with a conclusion with only a few months results to work with and, in turn, wants Strong gone. (That's implied and there's no way to spin it. ) It takes time to build a relationship with students and players. The A&M staff has had time to do that, and our staff hasn't. Saying the sky is falling and we should drop football because we didn't get recruits is naive, simplistic, and an embarrassment. Does it suck? Of course it does. No one is denying that. But saying that strong is "failing" is probably the dumbest thing I've ever heard, considering he just got here a few months ago. Combine that with the momentum A&M has because of Manziel and any logical person knew that it would take a year or two to get things turned around. This isn't an overnight project. I am really embarrassed as an alum over some of these posts and "arguments" calling Strong a failure for not getting the #1 recruiting class and stopping A&M's momentum the first 5 hours on the job. Let's fire the sales associate when just hired after 3 hours on the job because he's not doing as well as the sales associate at our competitor who has been on the job for 3 years. Got it.
  10. I've seen everything. Randy Duke wants to fire Strong because "he can't get it done" when he hasn't coached not 1 football game. Not only that, Duke is implying that Strong "can't get it done" is being based on 6 months on the job at that's it. Unbelievable. Such fantastic logic. I'm embarrassed as an alum.
  11. I'm starting to think the BYU "national fanbase" is a bit of a misnomer because if they had such a huge following that would bring so much, then why aren't they in a conference now? Why aren't people begging to get them into their conference like with ND? Also, what does their "national fanbase" have to do with anything? How would that help at all?
  12. Patterson isn't going rogue. Patterson just isn't doing what we were accustomed to seeing from Dodds. It's just different (and good), but not rogue.
  13. I'm not sure what you're trying to argue here....
  14. Is the game tonight online anywhere? I don't think I get FCS with Uverse.
  15. No thanks to BYU. I've never been sold on them. I like the idea of USF and UCF though.
  16. Yes, football is the driver, but adding teams for the sake of "cool travel places for fans" is becoming an elementary and tired "argument".
  17. When did using the "kansas" type font on our jerseys start to become a regular thing? It's horrifically ugly. Will in change? (See: men's basketball and softball jerseys)
  18. I read it. And the "from a fan's perspective" is totally subjective. You liked it. I did not. It seems like your argument is that because you, personally, enjoyed it more is why we should go back. I, personally, want us in the Big 10. But it's not going to happen. There's not need to get upset and defensive about it. There's no need to get offended by it.
  19. I never knew that. I'm kind of in shock actually...
  20. The SWC was too regional and would have never gotten big money contracts like the SEC, Big 10, or ACC. It was a good thing for the SWC to dissolve. I would never want to be in the SWC again. Fans don't seem to have an issue in the SEC or Big 10 and those campuses aren't "close." The original Big 12 wasn't a bad conference to be part of. Letting those 4 schools get away then trying to replace with TCU and WVU was the dumbest thing ever. TCU and WVU add nothing. And yes, there's "smack talk" all the time, especially with the state of Texas having so many huge alumni bases that aren't UT/A&M/Tech.
  21. I had a feeling we'd either be playing Kentucky or Florida after a.) our surprise year and b.) our signing of a prized recruit. Rick surely can't mess up next year, can he?!?!

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