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  1. JimR- Quite frankly, I agree. If I wanted actual, safe, factual news then I would wait for it to come out in print a week from now. This site used to provide cutting edge insight. Today there seems to be too much a concern to confirm, confirm, and confirm again. That is NOT why people came to this site initially. They came here to discuss UT Sports, the rumors, what they were hearing, etc. Whether things went down the way people had predicted on this site or not (Saban), that is what made this site exciting. It was hearing the on-goings behind the scenes thru the back channels that created interest. Stuff that was being deleted off of the other sites because it was "hitting too close to home." Today I feel this site has become a Bobby Burton 247 or OB wanna be carrying the UT Athletic Dept's agenda out so that HornSports MAY get access to the program in the future. In other words, we now have a site that is having messages being edited (much like our National media and this current administration!). In the meantime, by adapting this conservative, slow, methodical approach to put anything out there that MAY be perceived as controversial HornSports is being scooped by OB and other sites. Damn shame. SG
  2. My one friend isn't a UT fan whatsoever. He is an Alabama Alumni/former Football Player who helped get the UT BMD's Daughter into Bama- consequently Daddy is now sending Bama money these days. This one guy finds it funny how UT is biting the hands that are feeding it and how other schools are seeing a "wind fall" due to these practices. As a Longhorn Texas-Ex Student Life Member, each year the Alcalde puts out a demographic breakdown by Gender, Race, Nationality, & State by donors. I strongly suggest that everyone go out and see where the contributions to this University comes from. The people that donate to this University typically are males (white) that reside in Texas. As a matter of fact, most of the donations the University of Texas receives come from the Houston area. In contrast, the donations that come from our out of state alumni are a paltry embarrassment. We have students coming to the University of Texas because of lower tuition, graduating, and going back home (and not giving back to our University) at the expense of kids from Texas that may have dreamed of attending UT their entire lives however due to the competitive situation at their respective schools they weren't able to get in to the Top 10% of their class. Consequently, those kids go elsewhere and the contribution dollars the University of Texas would be receiving are being lost out on altogether. With the exception of Dr. Nasser I. Al-Rashid and his incredible contributions to our Weight Training Facility, as it pertains to educating the rest of the World let's just say the World is taking MUCH more from the University of Texas than it is putting back into it. I understand that it is a fine line between having a World Class University which educates the World and a State University primarily concerned with educating the brightest and best in its state. From a financial standpoint, I would put the interest and concern with the people that were going to be contributing back into the University of Texas after they graduate and go to work. But hey, I'm a business man not an academic that doesn't have to be held accountable by such ridiculous things as rationale and logic. SG
  3. Folks- First, I had a conversation with a connected buddy of mine that works with both Powers and Cigerroa. The guy is neither a fan of Powers because of his views of how UT should be envisioned as a University nor Cigerroa due to the fact that he believes Franciso is simply a political attack dog. That being said, you are seeing connected BMD's to the University of Texas kids not getting into UT and instead winding-up in places like Tech, OU, Okie State, LSU, and Alabama. Consequently, in light of the lack of pleasure with decisions being made by our current AD, President, etc., in many cases where those kids are attending elsewhere the money that used to come to the University of Texas is now going to those respective schools instead. Next, there has been some discussion in "Crossfire" about the lack of support that Steve Patterson currently has with many BMD's right now. We all are aware that Red wasn't a fan of the Strong hire initially. We know that Jamail never wanted Mack to be shown the door as well. However, whether it was Patterson's "lone wolf" manner of handling the Strong hiring as opposed to building a consensus amongst UT BMD's and other influential Alumni, the wolves are sharpening their fangs and are not in the mood to provide any easy victories for Patterson. The selling beer at DKR should have been a no-brainer however it runs into a roadblock? REALLY?! Who in the Hell DOESN'T want beer to be served at DKR? What I am hearing is consistent with "Crossfire" yesterday that there is a move by some of the self-perceived, spurned old guard that they need to get their "own" guy in as AD and to return their previous stature that they had previously had under Dodds & Brown over the past 17 years. The good news is the old guard is truly old and are running out of time- quickly. That big, dirt nap awaits. Dirt nap or not, the takeaway from this is Patterson needs to have some victories under his belt on the field just as much as Charlie Strong does. Despite where we are as an Athletic Department, both of these men will be measured on how things progress on the grid iron early on this season. With the way Patterson handled the hiring of Strong, Patterson probably has less margin for failure than Strong does. That's the down-side to going it "lone wolf" whether it be in Corporate America or the University of Texas, if you go it alone then you damn sure better produce or it's your head! These old guys are pissed they were left out of the decision-making process and want success immediately (2-3 years) or Patterson is gone. We shall see but football season can NOT get here fast enough for anyone's liking. SG
  4. I was at that game as a kid and my dad poured a beer down the back of an Okie fan that cut in front of my family in line. Okie quickly backed down and apologized and went to the back of the line.
  5. Yet you ignore my point about Watson being 54 years old and outside of the development of Bridgewater, Watson is still seen as an unknown by some of the top analysts in College Football today? Yet you ignore the fact that Watson was run out of CU? Yet you ignore the fact that Watson was run out of NU? Like I said, "nice straw man argument Barry!"
  6. Yeah, one game is what I'm basing my concern with Shawn Watson on. Nice straw man argument Barry.
  7. If you are insinuating that I have an agenda then you are ABSOLUTELY CORRECT! I DON'T believe Shawn Watson is the best The University of Texas can do at OC, err, QB Coach, play caller, or whatever the hell you want to call the guy. He is 54 years old and has a track record. He hasn't won on the biggest of stages and quite honestly I don't think that the University of Texas needs to "settle" for anyone that is unproven as a coach. The truth of the matter is that many if not most on this staff are unproven at the level of success that we expect at the University of Texas- hence the lack of "buzz" the program is receiving from recruits, fans of the program, alumni, national pundits, and especially from BMD's. . I hope this staff proves everyone including myself wrong but I agree with the BMD's. Charlie Strong wasn't my first, second, or third pick I would have chosen as our Head Coach. That being said, he has my support. SG
  8. With the way Mack Brown has snubbed Charlie Strong, after knowing EXACTLY what the impact would be by dividing the Longhorn Nation, I want to be very clear with my response here: MACK BROWN CAN KISS MY WHITE A$$!!
  9. Yeah, like please tell me that tradition of that fat, waddling SOB Jeff Madden leading our beloved Horns onto the field has ended. PLEEEEZZZZZZ!!!!
  10. Yes I am aware of some of Phil Steele's miscalculations (Texas OLine comes immediately to mind as well as UT being a dark horse to compete for a MNC in '13). That being said, Phil Steele is arguably one of the best in the business. The man would not be as successful as he is today if he had no credibility.
  11. There is a reason we are losing recruits on the offensive side of the ball not only to A&M & OU, but Baylor as well. And it has an awful lot to do with the type of uninspiring offense that Watson & Strong ran at Louisville. Count me among the doubters as it pertains to Wickline and his input as OC. The offense ran at Okie State was Gundy's brain child. After T Boone put his foot down regarding Gundy hire a full time OC and relinquish those responsibilities or else, Gundy got religion and hired an OC with a like-mind offensively. Fedora was a student of it. Holgerson was a student of it. Wickline was simply the Offensive Line Coach for it. Even with Ash at 100% I am concerned about our offense. Furthermore, I am concerned about how attractive this offense is to recruits. That is my opinion and until I see how things pan out for myself I will remain that way. Like I continually say, we shall see. SG
  12. Y'all Spoke with Phil Steele this morning on Bill King's show. Phil Steele is always a gracious guest and seems to be an overall good guy. That being said, I asked about the upcoming season and voiced my concern with Shawn Watson as Offensive Coordinator, err, I mean QB Coach (wink, wink) of the Horns in the up-tempo, high-powered, spread offenses of the Big 12. I acknowledged the development of Teddy Bridgewater as QB at Louisville however I then pointed out Texas thumping Colorado in the Big 12 Championship in '05 and his team only scoring points in a game like that. Furthermore, for a team to give up 70 points, the offense and special teams have to contribute to a score like thatt as well. I went on and discussed Watson's stint at Nebraska and concerns with that as well. I then finished by stating that I felt the Horns would end with 9 wins, 10 if everything goes well with Ash as QB (otherwise all bets are off!) Steele's response was nothing less than interesting and concerning. Steele agreed with my assesment of Shawn Watson and said that "Despite running multiple systems throughout his career, Watson is still unproven as an Offensive Coordinator and a concern." Those are Phil Steele's words folks, not mine. Shawn Watson is 54 years old and has been coaching for some time now. He has a track record as a coach and with the exception of the development of Teddy Bridgewater Watson hasn't showed himself to be any better than an average OC at best. Hell, at least Greg Davis developed Major Applewhite, Chris Simms,, Vince Young, & Colt McCoy as QB's. And let me tell you, Major & Colt weren't 5 * recruits like Teddy Bridgewater was coming out of HS. You would think that the University of Texas would not have to settle for an unproven coach at any position on this staff ESPECIALLY at the position where the guy will be calling our plays on offense. And yes I am very much aware that we have a lot of QB's camping with Watson in Austin. Darrell reminds me of that daily. That being said, camping and committing are 2 separate matters altogether. Steele went on to say that Charlie Strong must be "licking his chops" to work with the RB's, WR's, and defensive players that he has inherited. Phil Steele ended our conversation by saying that he agreed that if Ash remained healthy he saw a 9 win season- 10 max. Many schools around the Nation would love to have a record like that. We shall see- the season can't get here fast enough! Happy Independence Day folks and Hook 'em! SG
  13. I understand that you feel that I bashed Mack Brown in this post however we are where we are today because of Mack Brown and his actions as head coach. Not only did Mack Brown have a negative impact on the development of his players but he also impeded the careers of many of the coaches on his staff due to the fact that he simply wouldn't get out of the way and let these guys coach and coach in the style that had made them successful in the past. Harsin got the Hell out of Dodge and was fortunate to land back at home where the folks at Boise knew exactly what they were getting with Brian Harsin as HC. Stacy Searels is now a VA Tech (certainly a step back in his career development!). Major Applewhite is taking the year off. Manny Diaz is at LA Tech. Oscar Giles is now a LA Tech as well. Well respect S&C Coach Bennie Wylie was hampered by having Jeff Madden always looking over his shoulder and never got to see the results that he had had at other programs. Arguably the best coach our staff (Greg Robinson) is now DC at San Jose State- hardly on the same level as the University of Texas. Fortunately Bo Davis landed back at Bama where he is a known commodity. Outside of Davis, Duane Akina is the only coach to land in a place (Stanford) that could be considered "on par" with the University of Texas. All of these guys entrusted their careers with Mack Brown. Most of these guys have taken major steps back in their careers. Furthermore, Mack Brown even had an impact on our coaching search- I don't even want to get started on that front in this post! Mack did a whole hell of a lot of good while he was Head Coach at the University of Texas but his last few years were not good. As a matter of fact, they were an embarrassment. Not only did Mack Brown impede the careers of kids that entrusted to him their development as athletes to play at the next level, Brown also hurt the careers of many men that entrusted their careers with him. We will not know until the end of this season just how far our program has fallen because of it. That isn't bashing, that is simply fact- otherwise the guy would still be coaching our beloved Horns today. SG

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