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  1. My email is I have never hid behind any username and I want any of the HS members to feel free to contact me. Darrell
  2. Jimmy, No my man have another my brother. We ain't getting Malik my friends/brothers. Now, there is some things the board does not want me to post so, email if you want to hear what I can share.
  3. Lee, MY man, you know I was just kidding around with you. Seriously, Texas not not have a chance in hell with Malik.
  4. Everyone is still waiting on you to bring something to the board worth reading whether you are drunk or not? If drunks are beating you hands down I would not bragging about your posting prowless. I understand that you want to be heard but, you can't be taken serious when you continue to wear a skirt to the party Joe. Hell monarch would whip your azz with one hand tied behind his back. How do you like them apples?
  5. Are you in first or second grade? Just kidding, kinda of:)
  6. Stringer(?) Ask anyone on this board. I don't do sarcasm very often and when I do, you won't question it.
  7. Hell Joe, most of the time when you post we all think you are drunk so, don't let that stop you:)
  8. NO,NO and no! Malik is signing with A&M. Kris Boyd will also sign with A&M.
  9. Jimmy Boy, I'm all for good moods:) You hit nail on the head my brother. Charlie ain't Mack! Charlie already told everyone that A&M is about gimmicks before he suffered the defeat over a recruit b/c of $. New era my man!
  10. James, Let's just sit back & watch and see when Pattersons patients runs out with the NCAA. It was coming with Dodds and it will come with Patterson.
  11. OK, here is where Steve is coming from: Stever only wants to play respectful institutions like Texas. Charlie on the other hand wants to get those cheating bastards on the field and rip them to shreds. That's the difference between a businessman (AD) and a football coach.
  12. Believe me Winston, Now that Charlie has lost out on two particular recruits over $, he damn sure would like to make it public but, has been told to keep quite. Both Charlie & Vance ar seething at the mouth to out those cheating bastards.
  13. Guys, Steve has other reasons for not playing A&M that are not on the surface. Sometimes you need to read between the lines.
  14. As you can see, only one QB (Chad Kelly) is ranked in the top 50. Not a stellar year to be looking into the JUCO ranks for a QB. http://espn.go.com/college-sports/football/recruiting/playerrankings/_/view/juco/order/true
  15. Let's hope that Daje has matured enough for the coaches to take him serious enough option to be a major part of the offense. The ball is and always has been in Daje's court. On Heard, I really don't what to tell you but, being a playmaker in 4A ball does not equate to being one at a major Div. 1 school. Heard, like most freshmen QB's need time. Next time you attend a practice or talk to someone that has, tell us what you see?
  16. Yes, before the TV contracts the recruiting demographics showed that 50% of the skill set bluchips would travel over 500 miles from their house to receive the exposure they were seeking. Now 80% of all recruits stay within 200 miles of the house. Let's face it, although mid western states usually have some pretty good lineman, they are void of skill position recruits.
  17. IMO wasn't so much of losing A&M has it was opening up our state borders to the SEC to recruit & enabling the Texas kids to play for a Texas school in the SEC.
  18. Football games are won & lost on the Oline so, not having a formidable OL would limit if not cripple most teams. Here is what contribute the lack of talent at Texas: Top WR in Sanders & Top Playmaker in Daje arguably the top 2 talents on offense. Gray coming off a major injury. Lost our biggest best ground & pound back in Bergeron 3 OL that have never played in a college football game and one of those (Hutchins transferred over from the DL. The two OL that had played before this season had a combined two starts. Suspensions of the top 2 OT's. Estelle & Harrison Lost starting Center that called out the OL alignments. Starting Swoopes who would have been our 3rd string QB behind Ash & Brewer. We were simply decimated this year.
  19. The MAIN issue that killed Nebraska was the TV contracts. NU was one of the few blue blood programs that was always assured a spot with the networks. Once big contracts started to be signed with all the conferences, recruits from the across the nation did not have to travel halfway across the nation to attend schools such as NU & Notre Dame to get the exposure they were seeking. The TV contracts altered to demographics of recruiting dramatically. Now a recruit rarely has to travel 50 miles from home to receive the exposure they are seeking and don't kid yourself, exposure is the name of the game when it comes to recruits. The recruit charts show that 80% of division one recruits stay within 200 miles of the house.
  20. Or they coached above their heads in the first half and the lack of talent we have caught up with us in the second half? Again, these coaches were dealing with a very short deck and I don't me to sound like I'm making excuses for them. But, when I started to get some very good "insight" from folks that are close to the program, I understood how ignorant I was from a fans perspective.
  21. Big 12 to offer longer scholarships Updated: December 1, 2014, 4:58 PM ETAssociated Press 7 35 COMMENTS1 EMAIL PRINT IRVING, Texas -- The Big 12 has announced it will cover the full cost of a student-athlete's attendance and offer multiyear scholarships. The league announced Monday that Big 12 schools will cover expenses beyond tuition and fees, room and board and supplies that they deem "reasonably related" to attendance. The league will hand out scholarships that run at least as long as an athlete's period of eligibility. The Big 12 will also offer aid to former student-athletes seeking to return to school and earn their degree. The new bylaws will go into effect on August 1, 2015. Copyright 2014 by The Associated Press

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