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    Corpus Christi, TX-----Indianapolis, IN-----sports journalism major, writer for Horn Sports in spare time. Avid, lifelong Texas Longhorns fan.
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    Indianapolis, IN---Texas in my mind
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    Texas. Longhorns. Texas Longhorns and everything else Texas Longhorns
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    Sports Journalist
  1. Everyone knows by now, Horns @ Jayhawks kicks off at 2:30 p.m. I'll be in Lawrence by 9:30 a.m., parked in lot 54 with beer in hand by no later than 10 a.m. Who else will be making the trip? I know I had another topic started months ago about this and some of you commented/confirmed you'll be there. Since it's game week, I figure I'll ignite that convo again. Who is gonna be in Lawrence to watch Texas become bowl eligible?
  2. My wife, brother and sister-in-law are leaving Indianapolis at 10:30 p.m. Friday night. Likely to get a few naps in the car on a 2-awake-2-asleep shift rotation. haha. Hoping to hit Lawrence a little after dawn. We'll be Parking in lot 54, which I'm told is the $25 lot where you can tailgate out in front of your car. We'll keep in touch as the game draws near. Hook 'Em!
  3. Is this still a thing, or have you since changed your mind? Lol. Hope to see you there if you're still leaning on going.
  4. I think this is where I'm at with the idea. It could be worse/wouldn't be the best choice.
  5. Farmer's Almanac says 60 degrees and sunshine for this game. Which, could in fact be the only game we win the rest of the year. Either way, I plan on plenty of beer and burnt orange and a Texas win. Almost three weeks away now. #HookEm
  6. "Hey, man! This Shane Buechele kid is somethin' special! And I tell ya what, man - this talent on this Texas team?! Hook 'Em Horns, man!" I don't know why, but anyone and everyone who doesn't follow this program thinks this is a realistic replacement candidate. Reasons: A.) Gruden still wants to coach, but on his terms. Meaning, it has to basically be a hand picked situation, not just any job. -Ok. I believe that theory. Most successful coaches at his age, with his resume, etc. Have that luxury. It's not a crazy concept. B.) Gruden has wanted to coach college ball, burnt o
  7. Love the enthusiasm, but as a misplaced Texan living in Indy, this is an area of expertise when it comes to knowledge about Urban. I interned for a particular media personality who coached at Bowling Green when Urban was there, I can wholeheartedly tell you Urban Meyer is never leaving Ohio State unless it's for retirement or a fantastic situation in the NFL. So, basically, he's never leaving Ohio State until he retires. Period. I'm not even speculating about this. The media personality I'm referencing shouldn't be hard to guess. I'd just rather not name drop. I'm merely trying to tell you, th
  8. Ok. But do you think people want to see 1-loss Louisville V. Michigan? Or do you think people would want to see 1-loss Texas V. Michigan? Etc. There is such a thirst among those in the media for Texas to be back in the mix, prominent once again, that my argument -- I suppose -- is centered around: what is the bigger draw? Both in the stands and on TV? First of all, I think Texas wins that which-one-loss-team-is-in debate when the program is having success on a year in and year out basis ('04, '05 and '08, '09 for example). So, that's not my angle. What I'm saying is, this year -- and maybe/pro
  9. I understand the simple facts of "if you have 4 ranked teams in your conference and you have beat each of those teams you have a great chance to make/are probably in the playoff." That is very true, for TCU, and Baylor, and Ok State, and West Virginia. And it's just as true for Iowa, Wisconsin, UCLA, Arizona State, North Carolina, Virginia Tech and every other school like them. Schools that have flash-in-the-pan success for 2-3-4 consistent years, then sink back to mediocrity and reemerge a year or two later to make the same run. That logic does not apply to Texas. OU. USC. Michigan. Ohio
  10. This was my sentiment to a T. I DON'T DO CONFERENCE PRIDE.
  11. I'm not saying I feel bad for him. I'm pointing out why the kid has fallen far beyond merely being an afterthought.
  12. It all began with his tweet after the spring game. "Could've told my mother to save her money on the plane ticket". Half of a game after being called on account of rain, or a subtle blast to the fact he didn't sniff the field? I don't know, but I believe, when it comes to a young guy who wants his shot, it was the latter. When Buechele became the obvious nod to the future with Ehlinger on deck at QB, I knew Locksley was going to have to change positions or transfer. Then it was even more evident when Heard got moved to WR, where a stable of capable guys was already in place. Now, I d
  13. Awesome. I booked everything last night, bought tickets this morning. As the date approaches, we'll have to find out where everyone will be that day and get together. After the Notre Dame game (and having made it to two games last season) I had to make it to one more game this year. Looking forward to it. Hook 'Em!
  14. So, turns out the drive from my house to Lawrence, KS, is only 7 hours. And this means only one thing: Who will I see in Lawrence for the Texas/Kansas game? Because I'm going. Hook 'Em!

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