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  1. Seems like he has his act going on at A&M and the recruiting class is on the upswing and his family is happy....why move to a place where you have no recruiting ties or contacts of any kind? My bet his next job will be NFL and not a college job
  2. From what i read they just built a 6000 sq ft house in cs and all the kids are settled. They would have to uproute and go to private school in LA
  3. That just doesn't smell right. From what I have read on texags Sum;in just finished a 6000 sq ft house in BCS and his kids love it there. Why would he leave if he gets a raise to 4 mil? Saban coming? That is a pipe dream.
  4. That's sad. With 2A Swoopes that leaves QB very thin
  5. How is that even possible? Didn't he have 4 fractures?
  6. What I don't understand is with all the things going on with the program you found the need to research a team not even in the conference. What about Texas history? What about OU history?

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