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  1. Problem with Chip is he runs with a story after hearing it from one source (easily manipulated) rather than verification from multiple sources. You know like most journalists.
  2. So this writer is from Michigan went to UF and know lives in CT and his "insiders" come up with this list??? Texas: 1. John Harbaugh 2. Art Briles 3. Chris Petersen USC: 1. John Harbaugh 2. Sean Payton 3. Kevin Sumlin Michigan: 1. John Harbaugh 2. Greg Schiano 3. Kevin Sumlin
  3. Physically the kid has all the tools, but remember he played in 2A and could not even make all district QB. Expectations should be reigned in.
  4. MY traditions, hardly. Again so what if this is true. You think a tool that gets laughed off of shaggy and is the butt of the internet is going to change anything? Why don't you research Blarney Stone at Tech? Or the spoon holder at OU? Oh and good try I have my executive MBA from UT.
  5. To what end? What are you trying to accomplish? You could say the same about the Bible, Koran, constitution construction, monarchy. You are laughed off of shaggy for spewing this same stuff over there and I was hoping you would dial it back on this site. Why do we care about a former rival? If you want to do research do it on OU or Tech.
  6. A&M will most likely bump his salary close to 5 mil. In order for Sumlin to break even at USC they will need to offer over 7mil. USC is not going to do that for a coach who hasn't won anything. I also heard Sumlin built a 10K sq ft house on 4 acres in College Station and his family is settled. Take that for what it is worth.
  8. Agreed however the 60 minutes show he clearly regretted saying that. Saban doesn't make the same mistake twice
  9. McPhaul A Lot Going On As I stated last week, the AD (Luck) announcement would go down within two weeks. That still appears to be the case. WVU has requested that Texas wait until after our game. It is still Saban or bust. We have kept all other options at an arms length. Last week I put 60% on it being a done deal. That % is creeping up. Progress has been made from both sides.
  10. This should be proof that no one knows anything after a week of "insiders" saying Luck was a done deal. This will be the same with Saban.
  11. I think your 1st sentence is correct. No way is Saban coming. Why do you think he has money problems at 5 mil a year?
  12. I agree with many of your points but what do you expect, Swoopes couldn't make all district QB on his 2A team and Winston was all state
  13. I'm with you, I would be shocked if he came. He hates spread offenses and the LHN.
  14. Great analysis. I think Shaw should be the #1 look
  15. Go or not makes no difference to me but if you have insider info spill it not conjecture.
  16. Think how stupid that sounds! College Station, Texas doesn't like that Sumlin is married to a white women and they are influencing Texas A&M to fire him....is this shaggybevo? Seriously...shouldn't we be concentrating on Mack's replacement?

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