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  1. BS....UT has to merge with a better conference or be irrelevant in the big 12 -2
  2. No according to the plane chasers he is already in Austin
  3. I respect a man that goes in 100% on his convictions even though he maybe incredibly played and wrong. Have done this personally and professionally a couple times. This site is getting better by the day!
  4. What a cluster F. This whole thing is an embarrassment to the legacy of UT and should have remained behind closed doors from the beginning
  5. You were following me!!!! I almost had you arrested!
  6. $115 million plus Mack's buyout of $12....no wonder Powers and Academia is pissed
  7. Not ridiculing McPhaul at all, just find it strange. I did consider Alabama's Board of Trustee and not one one them played for Alabama. UA System
  8. So let me get this straight, discipline freak Saban confides in a former player that he is leaving who in turn contacts McPhaul to convey to the masses?
  9. I don't know if Saban is coming or not but I tend to think he is not coming. I do have a question regarding Mack. Since he is a state employee if he is fired/retired isn't there a waiting period for the position to be open before anyone can be hired?
  10. I will never understand fans who want their team to lose in order to lose their coach, different tournament spot, or better draft position
  11. If you were a true fan you would cancel and copy Ketch while doing so. There will be more insider info on this site shortly anyway
  12. Another insider saying Saban was seen in Austin when he was recruiting in Miss. This is ridiculous.
  13. I think I would go with McPhaul contacts rather than OU sources regarding a SEC coach going to UT
  14. I like that one guys quote "Their source is some Texas fan on some website who heard it in an Austin barbershop. Ya know.. it's tight like that."
  15. Has USC experience but was 34-29 as a head coach. Apparently he blew everyone away in the interview. Coach O has resigned and will not coach the bowl game.
  16. UT was top 10 from '01-'08 in the directors cup and it was broadcast on every UT internet site including the Daily Texan and the SID. Meat judging does not equal basketball, track and field, baseball. Someone would have to be delusional to think otherwise and at a minimal never played competitive athletics.
  17. I remember that kid but I don't think he received any offers out of high school. I agree there needs to be more depth.
  18. That just shows your ignorance on two fronts. Directors Cup ranks all NCAA school's athletic programs both men and women. Stanford has won 19 straight.
  19. Good God Randolph Duke put away the crack pipe for a little bit. Have you been pleased with 1 top ten Directors cup finish in the last 4 years by UT athletics? I know no alumni that is pleased with this.
  20. This sentiment is exactly why the UT athletic program is in the dumpster.....ARROGANCE!

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