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  1. American athletic conference and it's coaches
  2. Maybe Red was right, strong horn having issues
  3. So let me get this straight, 99% of fans had never heard Strong speak before yesterday and he instantly has everyone's respect because he was 10th choice to be named head coach. Red has been a loyal supporter to UT for decades and expresses his opinion and many of you want him lynched?
  4. Media? Have you read any of these boards the last month?
  5. Thought you were referring to Randolph Duke
  6. Not according to Ketchum's radio promo....
  7. You have to love fans (lol) that base the next few years on one bowl game
  8. That is just ignorant to determine a coaching hire by the outcome of one game....either way
  9. Let me guess you would have fired Mack after the OU loss in 2004

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