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  1. Any thoughts on Daniel Gresham decommitting?
  2. Please tell me you copy/paste and didnt hash tag a message board
  3. Just for comparison during coaching changes in 2012. UT has the #2 class (Depending on the service) and A&M was #16. Current rankings has UT at #12 and A&M at #3.
  4. You do know of the 60+ classes offered for UT undergraduate work?
  5. I do not. Have you seen the defensive class from last year and then add the class from this year?? Would not touch for the next 3-5 years
  6. Yes but instead he focused on the policy of no earrings and living on campus
  7. Can't blame Mack for this, he had him as a solid. The kid saw a better opportunity for him and switched. What I don't understand is at least until after NSD why Strong did not keep one coach who had Texas high school ties. Dumb on his part
  8. So I place an order for you to sod my yard, we agree to the price and schedule. You schedule your crew and complete the job. My house has a leak and I have to spend money on that. You present your invoice to me and I tell you my house has had a leak and I cannot pay you. You are ok with that?
  9. So let me get this straight. You ordered a product from a local business. The business procured the raw materials and labor to manufacture your order. The order was made as designed and ordered. You are now deciding to reneg on the small business because of your personal issues and want to chastise the business on the internet and the media. You sir are a tool.
  10. [quote=Sirhornsalot How do you listen to that crap?
  11. It took VY 3 years to show his talent... The pearl showed it from day one
  12. Prior service here. I know Duke has a hardon for all that is aggie but there needs to be a little truth in what he says. Most ROTC programs at the university level is two years. At that point and time the student must make a decision to pursue a commission or not. I know having served with many officers from around the country that besides the service academies there are by law 6 senior military colleges that must have 24/7 ROTC cadets and cadre. A&m is one of these.
  13. Is it really true that Shawn Watson went to West Mesquite to talk to Dylan Sumner-Gardner?
  14. were you even born when he last called plays?
  15. Needs to go the HS route but won't get hired because too many coeds

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