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  1. I envision us winning at least 6 games, possibly 7, barring further injuries.  What do you think happens if the Ags manage 6 wins against Div IA teams?  


    Yeah.  I do, too.  Should be interesting.



    Kansas State


    West Virginia

    OK State



    So you think UT goes 4-1 against these teams?

  2. Wasn't a comment about them taking money from the SEC..the sec is money..it's the potential for money for kids, especially w the amount of players LSU sends to the league..don't go making assumptions, if you wanted to know what I meant all you has to do is ask...


    I misinterpreted my apologies

  3. His parents did not live with him in California either. They are not US citizens. But he is now, as of Feb 2012 (according to Rivals).


    I think California rules are different. The public and private schools are intermixed and free to attend either one similar to Loiusiana

  4. Am I missing something? Sounds like he is transferring from a school in California to school in Denton Tx...Please forgive my ignorance but I don't see what the issue would be.


    Again he can transfer but not for athletic purposes according to UIL. His parents better be moving with him and have a job in DFW. As previously noted, Daxx Garman got caught up in that when his Mom rented a house in Southlake while his Dad continued to run the family business in Oklahoma. District executive committee declared him ineligible for his senior year. ASU kept his scholarship (he redshirted) he transferred and now a backup at OSU.


    Eligibility for Athletic Contests

    meet all the requirements above,

    are less than 19 years old on September 1 preceding the contest or have been granted eligibility based on a disability that delayed their education by at least one year,

    live with their parents inside the school district attendance zone their first year of attendance (see your school administrator for exceptions),

    have not moved or changed schools for athletic purposes,

    have not violated the athletic amateur rule, and

    were eligible according to the fifteen day rule and the residence rule prior to district certification.

  5. One has to move into the districtunder UIL rules, not "transfer," and the move cannot be "for athletic purposes. I imagine the other schools in that district will be all over this move.

    Daxx Garman is a perfect example. Also a little ironic that both schools are in the same district

  6. It's actually 2000 mi. CS should be recruiting his Mom hard with the idea that she'll be able to easily attend 8-9 games per year compared to maybe 1 at UO.


    With 6 Texans already on the Ducks roster, I'm sure they would charter a plane to get this kid's family up there.

  7. Gresham decommitted in May. Strong must not want him, because he hasn't really been recruiting him. Only reason Strong showed a little interest in him was because of Knox. Since that ship sailed, don't think Strong has any interest in Gresham (already enough RB's in this class).


    So he decommits from UT and commits to Lewisville and CS doesn't want him now?

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