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  1. Wasn't Riser the highest ranked 4* in Mack's class that year?
  2. Kansas State Tech West Virginia OK State TCU So you think UT goes 4-1 against these teams?
  3. No troll but anytime you want to flash UT diplomas I'm game! Have a nice evening.

  4. Jeeze, is it time just to implode thus conference?
  5. That isn't fair. From all the reports these two brothers are quality kids and their guardians are wealthy.
  6. Tristan Teuhema was seen wearing an LSU hoodie today
  7. I think California rules are different. The public and private schools are intermixed and free to attend either one similar to Loiusiana
  8. Of course he can attend school the question is will he be illegible for UIL participation
  9. Again he can transfer but not for athletic purposes according to UIL. His parents better be moving with him and have a job in DFW. As previously noted, Daxx Garman got caught up in that when his Mom rented a house in Southlake while his Dad continued to run the family business in Oklahoma. District executive committee declared him ineligible for his senior year. ASU kept his scholarship (he redshirted) he transferred and now a backup at OSU. Eligibility for Athletic Contests meet all the requirements above, are less than 19 years old on September 1 preceding the contest or have been granted eligibility based on a disability that delayed their education by at least one year, live with their parents inside the school district attendance zone their first year of attendance (see your school administrator for exceptions), have not moved or changed schools for athletic purposes, have not violated the athletic amateur rule, and were eligible according to the fifteen day rule and the residence rule prior to district certification.
  10. Daxx Garman is a perfect example. Also a little ironic that both schools are in the same district
  11. There are heavy rumors that they are going LSU
  12. Well I guess better than UTSA or Texas State
  13. LSU academics? Losing Tristan would be devastating
  14. With 6 Texans already on the Ducks roster, I'm sure they would charter a plane to get this kid's family up there.
  15. Good Lord, has this become an A&M website?
  16. Well for one having the top 4* fullback in the country and also not having JG for part of next season
  17. So he decommits from UT and commits to Lewisville and CS doesn't want him now?

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