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  1. good morning dennis! please never mind joeywa's crazy antics... i shall continue to handle him... however great pal, please continue to pace yourself at MDA. everyone is behind you and we are not giving up. we are all family here upon this wonderful forum... and we shall indeed take care of one another. we are solidly behind you...
  2. i worked at MD ANDERSON for 5 years during my college years. not really beautiful due to all of the hodge podge of different architectural styles all over the place... not to mention all of the horrendous writing all over clinical buildings. however, i so enjoyed my working throughout the LUTHERAN PAVILION TOWER while i was there. lot's of fun and great memories indeed....
  3. come on darrell, i am much too smart to act like a neanderthal! i can handle my great pal joe without fighting him....
  4. i shall continue to pray for dennis as long as he needs me too.
  5. quite the contrary. you are a smart man dennis.. therefore, i am certain that you know that i harbor absolutely no ill will towards rice university. when i was in college, i had to perform many business related projects at rice u. i have always loved the entire institution, and i am extremely proud that rice university is a distinct member as per the houston community. my initial statements were in relation to patterson's silly season rhetoric that "playing aTm shall be detrimental to the TEXAS brand". any real adult should hereby realize just how ridiculous that sentiment is. steve patterson, has been voicing his opinions regarding aTm since day one. if he so chooses not to want to engage with the aggies upon the gridiron field of play... then so be it. just be a man and openly admit it! (enough as per this silly brand crap) although, his head football coach openly contradicts his silly statements all the time. coach strong, simply harbors no problem engaging aTm upon the field of play. he doesn't sit around conjuring up ridiculous sentiments as a means to avoid playing them.
  6. my point exactly! and yet we continue to play them...
  7. how totally silly! just what is so very significant about rice university... and yet we continue to play them???
  8. quite a disgusting episode if i ever viewed one! never again!
  9. nothing surprises us anymore mark! mj's mother seems to be a very matronly / warm hearted type... i just hope that nothing very underhanded took place that could sadden her...

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