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  1. aggy is STILL voting. So don't forget to vote They've spent more votes on Lockett than their own player: http://cfbmatrix.com/vote-the-2014-sec-cover-poll/
  2. Or don't it's up to you, but it would be cool to see him on the cover. http://cfbmatrix.com/vote-2014-big-12-preview-cover-poll/
  3. They are in different classes. And I suppose anything is possible but I would bet my money on USC.
  4. What the hell does Heard have to do with Town? And no, Town is headed to USC. The coaches he had relationships with here are gone.
  5. Longhorn scoop is a twitter account started by some random person who has a 247 and OB subscription. This person just retweets stuff he sees and tweets information that paysites report. In other words, no Longhorn scoop doesn't know shit. That picture of Alaka is old.
  6. We really do have an awful fanbase.
  7. It's your fault for believing all the bullshit these "insiders" put out. Saban to Texas...give me a break.
  8. This. The rest of us who don't believe the Saban bs want Strong.
  9. Seriously. What is so hard to understand? Do you guys expect Saban to say he's not coming here every single day? I wouldn't even say "UT fans" believe Saban is coming because really it's only this site that keeps bringing him up. Obviously you want more people to visit your website (and it's worked as I am here right now) so you throw names around like Saban and Harbaugh but neither are coming here. Saban signed an extension. It's over. Bring on Strong.
  10. To be fair, if the other candidates played Texas they would also win 3 out of 4 times if not 4 of 4.

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