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  1. Why don't we just let this go instead of constantly bring negative press on ourselves.
  2. There are so many good football players now, there is no way they all can be rated 4 or 5 stars. One recruiting guru will get on one guy and then all the rest are touting how good he is. I think we should let it play out. We almost won the conference with Case and a DC who came in the middle of the season.
  3. It's not a coincidence that Shipley was always the 3 down choice. He was the only receiver that could run a route to get open. I've watched the receivers during the game and it was apparent that they were not good route runners.
  4. One of the best running backs I had ever seen when he was a soph. at Temple. Completely laid down on his team when he was a senior.
  5. I think Strong will be a better hire than Saban would. I think he will do better with the talent Texas will have in the next couple of years.
  6. People on here have no clue what truly went on in the search. It is all based on insiders rumors and speculation. Just because it was written on a message board doesn't make it true.
  7. The one plus for Strong is he is a defensive coach. It is easier to find a good young inventive OC than a young DC.
  8. Is he on life support yet?
  9. His parents sold their house in Bryan last month
  10. Chip needs to go back to being a reporter and less of a radio shock jock.
  11. If it had been announce in Sept. that Urban would be coach in the fall of 2014 all you anti Meyer people would have been bat Sh@t excited.

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