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  1. As a 20 something African American male, I haven't had to deal with too many people threatening to hang me from trees(none actually), of course that could be because I am a pretty physically intimidating guy. I have HEARD family members talk about growing up hearing this kind of thing. It was pretty sobering to watch a video of a chant that was so hateful in nature, being sung with such glee. It was a joyous moment for those guys, and it appeared to be a moment that was dripping in tradition. I don't know if it was within the legal rights of the OU president to kick those kids out of school...and honestly I don't care. I have seen people defend these guys siting freedom of speech..that's all well and good, but how many freedoms did Americans give up for National Security, I asked that because it appears we as American give up freedoms all the time.... when we feel there is a threat. While singing of the joys of hanging blacks vs the disgrace of a desegregated frat by some douchey frat guys does not represent some grave national threat, it does make me wonder. How many other frats at schools across the country (The University of Texas) have "traditions" like these, and how many of these frats members go on to work in positions were they are superiors and/or co workers of the minorities they sang gleefully about harming...even if they would never actually raise their hand against anyone..it's hard for me to believe that those feelings, those gleeful moments spent singing about how essentially blacks aren't "good enough" simply vanish after graduation... So yeah OU sucks, but I will give the president of Okalahoma University a big Boomer Sooner for this one... PS OU still sucks..
  2. It's as simple as saying they're "cool". I understand that the older people get the more they lose touch with what's considered "cool" for younger generations. I'm 28 and I think alts are nice, I wouldn't want to be like Oregon or even Baylor wearing like a 1,000,000 different things, but here and there has the "cool" effect. I understand that there are people my age against them...but the younger guys (for the most part) like them...and since the players are the ones who wear them, and they are just as much a part of the University as anyone else, I have no issues with them having SOME say so.
  3. I agree with this, Robinson is going to be the guy in 17, not just at QB, but he may be the best player in the state.
  4. Can we skip ahead to 2017 and get Shawn Robinson, that kid looks like a beast. Edit: Also I like Jalen Hurts most of all the in state Qbs Tristan Wallace is a heck of an ath, wonder if he stick at Qb, and w tech for that matter.
  5. I don't think Higs meant hold your butts the way that Mbhorns (or whatever) took it. I think he was just like hold on for the ride...just imo
  6. I get it that you may be more removed from the social media generation than others. I'm 28 and most of my pals use social media frequently. My youngest sister is 20 and social media is huge for and her friends..my hs age cousins live on twitter. I can see why you may feel the way you do..but I believe you just don't understand the culture, maybe you don't like it..that's okay (I guess), but I strongly disagree w calling the kid an attention whore..
  7. Do we think McNeal stays at wr/H back? Or ends up on d? If indeed we do go spread I think he has the potential to be a more explosive Phillip Lutzenkirhen(RIP), the te/H back that cam played w.
  8. Pass...they didn't even put him in when the other kid got his bell rung and Gardner was gimpy.
  9. Ugh...monarch is over the top. He basically hates the recruiting process bc his perception is that anyone who makes a positive commentabout more than one school is a diva...and that the st of Florida has less divas than Texas..or some nonsense like that..
  10. Wr isn't a priority imo..Mack and Soso are. If Lodge goes elsewhere look at reed, and possibly give Newsome a call.
  11. Yikes...more nervous about the other guys we want. Heard can run the spread..I really hope that's still the plan.
  12. All I really want to know is if this hurts us w Mack?

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