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  1. SirHorns, Do you do work in Leander? I have an okay lawn of Bermuda sod that was put in just before we bought our house about two years ago. It's starting to look a little ragged. Has bare spots and the weeds are getting crazy. Do you do a sort of occasional consulting? I can do a good deal, but could use some guidance from time to time.
  2. Thanks goodness. Although his numbers are not great in comparison, he really is the general on that floor as has done a great job of facilitating all the power players on that floor.
  3. Is it just me or does TCU flop like crazy??? It seems like these refs are very ticky tack.
  4. Barnes absolutely deserves credit for this turn around. It's a big deal that someone at his stage in coaching can fully admit mistakes were made and then actually change it. He talks at length about the culture change and he has to be applauded for making significant changes in a short amount of time. We will see if he can sustain this young, new culture through a TOUGH schedule. The team has showed grit. You can't ask for much more than that especially after last year.
  5. Once the Auburn player hit the 50 yard line on that missed FG return, the first person I thought of was McPhaul.

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