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  1. He has yet to earn my respect, unfortunately. No kids who initiate unwarranted personal attacks deserve respect, let alone adults.
  2. Thanks North Texas Golfer! I appreciate it. This self-proclaimed friend of Deloss Dodds really made a good showing of his caliber and reinforced my belief in my opinion. Dodds is around 75 years old. I guess the guy is of similar age.
  3. Finally. Let's just get it over with. (I don't suppose there is a way to get it canceled?)
  4. That Bama kicker was something, wasn't he?!Missing so many FGs. My friends and I were all wondering if that guy was connected to some bookie. But the final FG attempt was an error. Someone on the Bama team should have seen that lone Auburn receiver running toward the goal post before the kick and thought about the consequence if the kick was short.
  5. Some players can help win a game on their own despite bad coaching. Vince Young was one - scrambling about 80% of the time because the plays failed to work. Such players are rare. I certainly can't find any in the current lineup.
  6. You are the one acting like a 15 year old. This is a message board where people express their thoughts and opinions. If you can't handle differing opinions like a grown-up, don't read my posts. Better still don't come here because there will be others with similar views like mine. Who are you? Are you the thought police here? SO what if he is your friend? If Mack Brown is also your friend, are all of us supposed to lump praises on him and withhold criticisms?
  7. Delossy is that you? LOL. Easy and be nice. Have some sense of humor and learn to handle a joke, ok?
  8. well, he didn't have to do that. The whole point of backup options is to fill the position with a back up in case something goes wrong the last minute.
  9. LOL. If it's really Saban, no announcement is necessary. Just have him show up come January and start making changes.
  10. You would probably be over-excited and wake up from the dream, and then go back to sleep again after realizing that it's still before midnight.

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