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  1. Shout-out out to Coach Elliott as well. Subbing Autumn Rounsaville for Peterson took some guts. It was nearly as out of the blue as when Augie inserted Chris Carmichael in the championship game of the CWS against South Carolina.
  2. Yes, Paul Sunderland and Salima Rockwell helped my anxiety level hearing their seeding assessment last night. I've stepped back from the grassy knoll.
  3. I'd love to be wrong. We'll know Monday or whenever the new poll comes out. I think Pitt, Baylor, and Stanford all jump us, probably Nebraska if they beat Minnesota tonight and Wisconsin Sunday, both on the road.
  4. I'm hopeful but I don't think the final tournament seedings over the past few years has shown much love from the committe to the Big 12. If both Baylor and Texas win out, I think only 1 will get the cushy top 4 seed, the other a 5.
  5. I hope you're right, but I suspect the committe won't give two of the 4 top seeds to schools in the Big 12. One will probably get snubbed. The next poll will be telling. I'm afraid that Rice loss is going to bite us. Hoping we can win our last two and Baylor takes a loss in one of their last 3 to keep us in the top 4.
  6. Captain Obvious here, but some young coaches learn from their mistakes and deficiencies, fix the problems and grow into better coaches. Some young coaches think they're doing a great job, do nothing, fail and get fired. I'm afraid Herman is in this 2nd group.
  7. The opening kickoff it was only luck we didn't start the drive inside the 5. Why field a kick heading out of bounds.
  8. Is it still legal to run to the wide side of the field?
  9. I always wondered what happened to Mr. Green Jeans
  10. I expect DKR to set an attendance record for the LSU game Will the south end zone project have us at a smaller capacity next season?
  11. I've had season tickets for 30 years. Students showed tonight but it doesn't happen all that often. I'd like to see a move to disconnect football donation money from basketball seat locations.
  12. I believe Billy Donovan is on the last year of his contract at OKC and is on thin ice. Is that a pipe dream if he became available?
  13. That drives me crazy. I guess they need to air the Winstar Casino commercial for the 37th time.
  14. I think you could argue the students don't like the seats behind the baseline, but I think Kevin Durant was battling Acie Law the last time students were sitting in the mezzanine nosebleeds. I think winning and being a Top 10 team would cure poor attendance. However, as a previous poster stated, that doesn't appear to be on the horizon.
  15. Turner's season I just happened to sit next to Matt Doherty one game scouting Turner for the Pacers. I didn't bug him much, but I asked him specifically about his mediocre season and how I didn't understand the lottery pick talk. He told me there just weren't many players with his physical size and it didn't matter, he would be drafted high and it was unfortunate as Longhorn fans we'd never see his potential. Was he ever right. They don't do it at every position, but the NBA takes the long view on big men.
  16. Maybe so but I'm sure happy to have a season of watching the brilliance of KD in person in my fading memory bank.
  17. Wonder if you're thinking of Jason Klotz. Seems like he would have been on that team.
  18. I thought Jarrett Allen had a decent season last year. It was on a bad team however. Myles Turner two years ago seemed more like a college bust to me. I looked up the season stats. Turner 10.1 ppg / 6.5 reb. Allen 13.4 / 8.4 so slight edge to Allen.

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