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  1. So I'm an 18 year old freshman here, I tweeted an aggy something a month ago, and after Kyler reaffirmed he's going to a&m this dude has been nonstop harassing me on twitter. Gotta love those "classy aggies" lol
  2. It's okay, the food available in Austin makes us all a little over weight.
  3. I guess I can stop harassing dish internet chat people now finally.. Anyone know when it starts?
  4. My golf coach is a die hard USC fan and attended that game, he told me about a week or so later the three starting LB's for USC were in the same restaurant where he was. He approached them and just casually asked about the game and they told them that VY was the best they had ever faced, and his size and speed made him almost impossible to tackle.
  5. I just got home, went down to the rose bowl at about 2 here. It was fun to say the least. Didn't actually get tickets to the game, turned a few offers down but seeing the atmosphere down there again was awesome. Auburn and Florida State traveled really well, although not as well as Texas a few years back. Most auburn fans were classy, plus a few obnoxious drunks.
  6. In my opinion, this is a good hire with the potential to be great. His defenses have been near the top in the country the last few years and his fire and emotion can bring great changes. That being said, you can't exactly expect a 10 win season next year can you? Remember what we just saw last Monday. He needs to build up the program, so if he doesn't come in and dominate right away, I don't see how people could be upset. Just my opinion on things.
  7. Once again, at 17 I might need my 2nd mikes hard lemonade of the night. My god.
  8. Guys I'm 17 and my dad has allowed me one mikes hard lemonade due to this debacle
  9. Every single one of us right now.

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