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  1. Anybody think that this might speed up the departure to the SEC?
  2. Still waiting for the, going to the SEC next year news…
  3. OU and Texas will both have 4 losses. Iowa st will win the conference. Is that what we expected when TH came on the scene? I don’t think so. I had high hopes, but no more. Texas should’ve won this game with NO problems. Nope, that didn’t happen! I hate OU!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I agree about the primary purpose of any university should always be academics first, but I also agree that Tom Herman shouldn't give a crap about what the academics feel about him. He's the football coach, not the professor, of these players. His primary purpose should be the football team, and I hope he get's his head outta his a@@ and figures out what he needs to do to get this program back on track....
  5. I might have missed it, but is Bijan Robinson an early enrollee?
  6. Kinda what I was thinking. I've seen him move the pile a time or two...

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