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  1. I have seen Heard do the same in games in high school. He does not panic when the lights come on. Has Swoopes ever had success. I have not seen much of Swoopes but when I think of him, I remember him going into a shell vs TCU.
  2. Who will be in charge of special teams. The defense can get a boost from the lost yards.
  3. Tejas fan

    Oh Aggy.

    Who's next? Are they trying to add a high school team to the schedule? Guess that ULM was too scary so they are out.
  4. If we only knew where K Boyd got his influence from. Oh well. LOL
  5. I caught up now guys so start writing more. Anything coming out on Warren's OV? JJ's?
  6. Before everyone goes on siesta or back to work, what about DeMarco?
  7. Thanks Bear. I thought I heard that on the radio but I just had it on in the background so I wasn't sure.

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