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  1. This is great news! You all are right on top of everything and have been all year! Love HornSports! Thanks for all the hard work! Hope we get a few of these guys, it is obvious they could play very soon after last season.
  2. Just posted on my FB. Love all your work! Just wish we'd had a better game Monday! Oh well we had fun anyway, watching Bevo right below us.
  3. Was I not supposed to ask "yes or no" question? Just wondering if I had missed an injury or ?
  4. Shannon, great to have you and a great piece you wrote. I'm sure you're a wonderful coach with such a wonderful attitude and inspiring thoughts. Just for info, Dean is my cousin --- a wonderful person himself! Sure HBU is happy to have you. Have a cousin that graduated there and his daughter there now and they love the school. Good Luck this year. Marla
  5. Looks really good! Thanks for the hard work. Also, all the great news you all put out for us "Crazy Longhorn Fans"
  6. Well that does explain a lot. Sure Brandon is in the right place for him and know it will be good for him to be closer and who knows what his two years there will open up for him. Congrats to him and to you all.
  7. Voted! He is ahead too, it looks like.
  8. Sounds like a good idea to me and a way to keep some kids in college to also finish their degrees and not coming out early to be disappointed after it's too late to play in college another year.
  9. Happy Birthday Shan, remember now your birthday, just 2 days after my daughter's. Hope you are having a great day! Now that you're going to be in Austin you need to get you some of those Longhorn Boots from the Co-op for the games! My daughter was so excited --- that is what she got for her birthday!
  10. Thanks for Great Crossfire! Look forward to it every week, next week for sure after that stuff at the end!
  11. And people said Coach Strong was not "Media or Press Friendly"! Super Idea! The whole state will be talking about this! Can't wait to see the Bus, will be like the NFL Sunday Night Football Bus I bet, but all decked out in Texas colors!

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