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  1. and you have cuney on there twice
  2. Alex Anderson where is he at? wasn't he an early enrollee
  3. ok so just join the group and see?
  4. how will we know if he's actually doing that
  5. who would be possible candidates to replace augie if he was to not return next season?
  6. ha yeah and I thought I read something before that if they wait like 2 weeks or so to bring springer up then we get an extra year before he becomes arbitration eligible
  7. I think the ban you're thinking of that singleton had was last year and porter cleared it up with him last year before spring training and I believe they have put it behind them. I think Appel has a chance to make the bigs in August or so but why waste an extra year of having his rights just to throw in august and September
  8. or McCarron in the 2nd round too
  9. there is a 2nd junior day right?
  10. Is the list for the 1st junior day or both? I would there would be another junior day for guys to attend that have conflicting plans already
  11. Watching the LHN broadcast and on the big board they put jermaine roberts up as a DE
  12. look at all the turnover of recruits a program like Vanderbilt has had with James Franklin leaving
  13. he decommitted at least a month ago
  14. he's been the starting QB since soph year but I see him being more of an athlete than QB in college
  15. [ATTACH]721[/ATTACH] anyone hear anything about this kid? he goes to other high school from my town and I know 247 said something about him but I'm not over there to see what it was
  16. didn't realize they were different classes
  17. you think Ricky Town looks at UT now that he's decommitted from Bama even though we already have Heard committed
  18. I watched heard at the elite 11 camp and he can make most throws where swoopes struggles with most throws under 10 yds and it seems like he struggles with accuracy in general, remember swoopes played 2A high school football, heard played 4A but played very talented 4A & 5A teams and had success and he just wins games
  19. also for aggy to be bowl eligible they have to win 6 games against fbs schools, so if they beat lamar which they used they have to win 6 more games to go to a bowl game
  20. You never know with this new staff, I would imagine they're gonna recruit the best players
  21. Myles Garrett DE from Arlington Martin committed to A&M

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