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  1. Speaking of desperate, what have we heard regarding Colorado's contract terms with Sanders?
  2. Yes, sir, I agree about the NIL changing things, but what hasn't changed is that they're mostly still kids and are impressionable.
  3. NEOH was joking. I took a ride in a police car when I was 18. Not cool. I didn't know, or care, whether the doors opened forward or backwards. I also didn't know or care at the time that I puked all over the officer's shoes. Ugh, wish you hadn't jogged that memory. Maybe that's why I'm so tolerant of young people's mistakes. They are lessons to be learned from. I may have puked a couple of times since, but never again on an officer's shoes.
  4. I think anyone would be reluctant to take on Texas right now
  5. I think I might need a joint if I had to be in Jimbo's locker room, and I haven't had one in 50 years.
  6. You're sure right about the pros, but they're not in the NFL. It's easy to forget that some of these kids are barely out of high school. They're not pros yet and may never be. (Well, the NIL is pretty close) They've worked hard to get where they are and we have no idea what's going on in their lives outside of football. We sit back in our recliners and when they don't perform to our expectations, we sometimes vent our frustration with personal criticism. That's understandable. But if a player is under performing, he knows it and the coaches know it and that should be handled in the locker room, IMO. There's no benefit in airing it out on a public forum. Go after the coaches, they're fair game and they expect it, but I think we should go easy on the kids, publicly at least. JMHO, certainly not directed at anyone on this board. Just asking that we consider the young men's point of view before we post.
  7. Do you think these kids don't read the negative comments written about them on this board and other Longhorn sites? They do.
  8. NTG, have you ever considered being a weather forecaster?
  9. You might be right about Hall. Last thing I could find on him was October 20th when Sark said he wanted to try to redshirt him. Hope that's right and he works out okay. Thanks.
  10. Whittington, Billingsley, Milton, Alford, Sulser, probably Worthy and I heard that Hall is no longer on the team.
  11. Ref's beat Texas and Oklahoma State just called it a season. FIFY
  12. A curse upon you, K State! May a house fall upon your head!
  13. This year was his breakout year. One more year could really help him, IMHO.
  14. Blessed Thanksgiving everyone and ditto what Dillo said.
  15. We'll be fine without him. Question is, what did he do to earn that NIL value ($218K)?
  16. Here's an interesting article about referee bias: https://tylerpaper.com/sports/college/do-college-football-referees-make-biased-calls-on-fouls-some-research-suggests-yes/article_e96a3710-4ca8-596f-8333-d60c16e8a1e4.html
  17. "Unless something significantly changes", like Auburn raising their bid.
  18. So he's likely staying at Ole' Miss...unless he doesn't.

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