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  1. I wouldn't mind watching Maryland beat USC. I can still hear the laughter in L.A. when Maryland beat us...twice.
  2. Welp. Braylan Shelby made his big announcement...he narrowed his list to Texas and 9 other schools.
  3. Could it be Braylan Shelby tonight around 9:45?
  4. From a national recruiting standpoint, it makes you realize the advantage Texas has. Not just Texas kids, but east, west or north, not that much difference in distance from Texas. West coast to East coast is a different story.
  5. That's going too far. Just cut an arm off. Less painful.
  6. The K-bar and Case aren't made of the same steel that they were back then. Probably made in China now.
  7. Ewers Barber (whoever that is) said that NIL money is not supposed to be mentioned on recruiting trips. Aggy is filmed doing just that.
  8. I do believe that, right now, most are expecting a blowout, so anything less will be encouraging. Keep it close, and we'll be ecstatic.
  9. Welcome back, showtime73! We've asked about you, but no one knew anything. Afraid maybe the Covid got you.
  10. Purple Tigers instead of Pink Panthers. Ingenious. They should make a movie.
  11. Enough to make holes big enough so you and I could run through them on our walkers and give the quarterback time enough to order take out. I like it too.
  12. We ALL should get on Twitter and wish him a happy birthday.
  13. Aggy saying, "But, but, we spent all our money last year..."
  14. Agree. And wasn't Tyler Johnson a 5* O/L who didn't even break into the starting alignment when the O/L was terrible?
  15. That would be great, but I thought Banks was their recruiter. Why would Flood recruit the defense?
  16. "one of the best in two years." We're not there yet, but should be in a year or two.
  17. So we go from one of the worst offensive lines in the country to one of the best in two years. Awesome job of addressing a major need.
  18. Necessary step. Now come on down, Mr Goosby.

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