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  1. The defense will improve if Patterson and P.K. can work together and neither is too stubborn on his scheme.
  2. Okay. I looked. You said Kate's appearance was for someone not named Neyor, but equally to moderately more interesting than Neyor. If that doesn't mean we have another one coming, what does it mean?
  3. But didn't SHA say that the Kate appearance was not for Neyor? So do we have another one coming soon?
  4. Good hands, good size, goes after the ball, but how fast is he? Looks fast against competition on film. Welcome back to sunny south, Mr Neyor. Hook'em!
  5. Doesn't he know that we need him more than they do, whoever "they" is. Great young man with a ton of moxie and class. We're gonna miss him, but "Dicker, the kicker" will be great in the NFL. Thanks Cameron.
  6. Especially after watching the failure to make proper halftime adjustments time after time last year.
  7. We're going to be fine on offense, it's the defense that concerns me most. P.K.'s scheme may be too difficult for the players to adapt to in one year. Too often they looked lost and out of position. I don't think the players fully bought into it last year. With another year of training, we could see vast improvement, but until we do, defensive recruiting will be at a huge disadvantage.
  8. You don't think Brenen Thompson is fast enough?
  9. Well, do what any intelligent man would do...ask your wife.
  10. We put the baseball cards in our spokes so our bikes would sound like this bad machine...
  11. Question is, would he want to come here and compete with Ewers since apparently he didn't want to compete with Young.
  12. Oooooeee! Another sooner done gone! Looks like Love Potion #9 has worn off in Stillwater.
  13. Dang, SHA, the nerd's smoking you. He'd probably make you count all your strokes on the golf course.
  14. There was a kid in my eighth grade class who worked as a roughneck on weekends. He was seventeen. So, how old is this kid?
  15. I sure hope so, but what's going to keep them from taking the $150K and then portaling to the next highest bidder next year?
  16. Are there more that have signed, but not announced other than Campbell?
  17. Dixon hasn't done much... but a better WR coach may get more out of him. 10.75 isn't slow. Witts always hurt...so far, but keep your fingers crossed. Red was recruited as a rb...supposedly, but versatility is his strength, like Whitt, speedy wherever they put him.
  18. Family and friends, very often. My wife, at least two or more times a day, accompanied with hugs. I know you miss them, dillo, as I miss my daughter and others miss loved ones who are no longer here. So thank you for reminding us, for we never know what tomorrow brings. MERRY CHRISTMAS to all my brothers and sisters on the board! May God bless you and be with you always...

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