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  1. Is LHN going to carry the game since Dish is not?
  2. Tesla Model S Plaid, 0-60 in 2 seconds. One for every 5* recruit. Jobs for whole family. Zooooomm...!!! National Championship here we come!
  3. Awww, man...my dad got his law degree from Cumberland in 1931. Funny thing though, he never mentioned Cumberland football.
  4. Not full time, but as a wrinkle, I would try it until they stop it. If nothing else, it would give the next opponent something else to worry about. Just a thought.
  5. Actually could work. Defenses don't prepare for that anymore. Might catch them flat-footed. Casey could be a really good wishbone quarterback.
  6. Receivers show up and take the top off the defense, opening up the run game even more. We rattle the Rattler, but they put up points, just not enough to keep up with us. Horns 42 Red River Rejects 38
  7. We'd better be able to hold on to the football.
  8. Didn't Rattler just get new car?... and the OL didn't even get a bicycle as far as I know. Just sayin'...
  9. True, but what was their ranking before we played them? The rain forecasted scares me more.
  10. Good possibilities. Do you think Baylor is a contender this year, or is Okie lite overrated?
  11. I've been passionate about college football since the '50s, but the latest rule changes encourage individual spotlighting rather than team play, IMO. Good athletes, but maybe they should try boxing, or wrestling, or golf instead of a team sport.
  12. What did he tweet? Is there unrest in Youngstown?
  13. Now that's the intensity we expect from you. Hit the ground running and get that prediction thread out there! It's going to be a good week. Horns 45 Purple Perverts 21
  14. It was a great idea and you were good back in the day, but time catches up with all of us sooner or later...just kidding, we still love you. You're not benched. Yet.
  15. Any team looks better when they're kicking aggy's rear end, but they still smell like pigs and will continue to until we beat them in the SEC.
  16. Lol. No, you just need to remember that there's always someone waiting for you to stumble so they can take your place. Was afraid I might have to attempt to start a prediction thread again myself.
  17. You were on a short leash and you just threw your first interception. You know how fickle this crowd can be. Lol Texas 35 Tech. 31
  18. Yeah, go ahead and slap that smug look off his face, Sark.

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