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  1. Us? Biased? Nooo... Hail! Hail! The gangs all here, and it's goodbye to all the rest
  2. Yeah, maybe so, but we don't know the facts yet do we?
  3. Not to worry. We seem to have a knack for bringing out the best in opposing quarterbacks.
  4. How can a rule be implemented when there are so many different opinions as to what the rule is? Let's see if all the refs call it the same way every time. Another NCAA brain fart.
  5. Sold out, hostile crowd...could be tough, but we come out on top. 38 - 31 UT over TeeTee'rs
  6. I think she just broke every bone in my eye.
  7. That many pressures should have resulted in multiple turnovers or incompletions, but Harris was amazing under pressure.
  8. It is very fast, but did you notice how quickly Worthy caught up with him and escorted him to the end zone on that long run? What's Worthy's time in the 40?
  9. Smart, very smart. Keep'em guessing going into the TT game.
  10. The worst thing is that O will miss the first half of next week's game unless the call is reversed on review. That won't happen.

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