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  1. Lol. I see what did there, ET. Good play. The unPleasant thing is, he's probably going to USC.
  2. Chris Peterson on Fansided said Addison is going to USC. He also said that the On-3 prediction machine shows 96% chance it's USC and 4% Texas.
  3. He doesn't know anything about collectives or how they work, but he does know they have one and that a&m didn't buy players or cheat in any way. How does he "know" this if he doesn't know anything about them? Cheaters can get really angry when they get called out. Is it July 4th already?
  4. Best of luck to the young man Hope he shines there.
  5. Controversial ex-Oklahoma coach suspects tampering.
  6. I remain hopeful also, but to put that into perspective, our o-line has made everyone look great so far.
  7. You could be right. Garcia and VanDyke are pretty good quarterbacks. Their wide receivers are good, but not great, so not much competition for passes there. Don't know much about their O-line, but that's in Cristobal's wheelhouse and it's got to be better than ours right now.
  8. Can't blame the young man for exploring his options. Must be another team with a really good quarterback...Ohio State maybe?
  9. Someone should show Quinn the proper way to flash the Hook'em sign, but it's still better than the "O"
  10. 247 rates him a 5*. Rivals and On3 give him 4*s.
  11. Unfortunately, they didn't need to last year. Sure hope that changes.

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