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  1. Lol. Too early to worry about that. Right now, I'm more concerned about how we look in the spring game to the undecided recruits. I'll join you in that worry by the end of August, but I've got enough gray hair as it is.
  2. I don't live there anymore, but can I vote by mail?
  3. Has Barry Switzer replaced Lincoln Riley? https://currently.att.yahoo.com/att/report-oklahomas-trejan-bridges-seth-171659490.html
  4. Man, that's great! Some of my ancestors were slaves to the black Moors from 700 - 1400 AD. Can't wait to see how much is owed to me for that 700 years of slavery. I sure hope it will be prorated by the years.
  5. Has an offer from Stanford, too, but UT baseball may pull him our way.
  6. Who was the safety that finally knocked him out of bounds? He covered a lot of ground in a hurry and took a good angle to catch Bijan (after initially overrunning the play).
  7. Good one, SHA. I hit the laughing emoji first, but changed it because the truth is, it's really sad for our country.
  8. She's a frontrunner, dillo, but the competition for that title is fierce in the democratic party.
  9. Just one more reason to build a wall around Texas. That O/L pipeline is one pipeline that needs to be shut down.
  10. Is that a "Hook'em", or a Horns down?
  11. Well, Boehner was the son of a bartender...he may have given some tips (under the table?) to AOC about bartending and politics.
  12. Awww, man... just hope he got to hide the eggs for the kids first.

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