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  1. May be a good thing that he's learning that the world doesn't revolve around him and that his choices have consequences. Might help him be better prepared when he gets to UT.
  2. Another plus...Mater Dei pipeline could be opening up again despite the Bru fiasco.
  3. Yes, but not at that expense. This young man appears to be toxic and rudderless.
  4. It already has...Ewers is just the first we've heard of.
  5. Agree. And who's the next high school underclassman to be bought? A star linebacker, a running back? Where will it stop?
  6. Anyone heard from shotime? This kid was only an hour away from her and she's usually on top of recruiting anywhere near her area.
  7. IT is usually pretty reliable, but Casey would have to really screw up in practice and Hudson would have to be lights out for Thompson not to at least get the chance to start first after his bowl performance, imho. Otherwise, as ET said, he's gone or every time Card makes a game changing mistake, the fans will be calling for Casey. I'm going with our resident predictor, SHA.

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