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Everything posted by texasdobbs

  1. texasdobbs

    Oh Aggy.

    Lol.... carry on my friends
  2. texasdobbs

    Oh Aggy.

    well someone slept in a Holiday Inn Express last night .....
  3. Actually there will less on Stub Hub. .. because unless you donate the full value (those that are grandfathered donation, less than full value donation) you can not sell on the open market.
  4. My tickets went up $200 per ticket and i donation would have to pay an additional $200 per ticket to sell on the market. ...
  5. My LHF rep told me that ebay will be monitored... don't know how they could do that unless you put the section and row and seat #
  6. Another note... if you are donating at the grandfather rate you will not be able to sell your tickets to games you don't go to.... unless you pay the new full donation amount. ..
  7. Nothing about the new policy will affect your current tickets as long as you give the same amount you have given in the past... I like the new policy because it rewards past donations for away and OU vs Texas game... I will probly have better seats... I like my rank lol...
  8. Offer till you get a few to stick... I guess. .. I'm OK with that though...
  9. texasdobbs

    Powers rumor

    I don't agree with Duke most of the time, but I find it ironic that an aggie would be talking about misrepresentation of facts.... #12thmanlie
  10. texasdobbs

    Powers rumor

  11. My 14 year old son would like a rivals profile.... lol
  12. Well.... just one year and then gone?? Oh well
  13. I have to go back to what I think was said it burnt ends... Paterson has given Strong the green light to get the right personal $$$$ can get.... maybe there is some negotiations going on...
  14. Lol... while I think Sumlin would be a good at riding shotgun in a helicopter. .. I don't think he would be a good TE/ST Coach. ....
  15. Is it really that confusing to you... how is not reasonable to have faith in Strong but ask a question about who the possible candidates are¿¿¿
  16. [tweet'563394753689960448'] Just saying
  17. [tweet'563386006833872896'] Ok Charles has received information that Rump not going....

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