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  1. What happened to our OL?! Have been looking great and today, not so much.
  2. Bad start to the game... seems to be just carried over from the horrible performance vs ok lite. All phases look bad. Can’t wrap up this week.
  3. Unreal game from start to finish... great coaching! Great play on the field! Awesome total and complete domination of the #5 team and huge blow to the sec ball riders! So elated. This is the game I expected to see from the team all year... the future is brighter and I think Tom has grown. HOOK EM!!!
  4. Yeah, but exploring their options is pretty clearly also saying that they are not happy in their current circumstance. If Shane isn’t going to be the guy I would certainly like to move on to one of the younger guys, preferably Rising.
  5. “The biggest thing was that I just had to trust the offense that I’ll be playing in,” Cain told BON. “Penn State has already established their running culture. I love Coach Drayton and Coach Herman, but I just had to make that I’m going with a consistent offense that’s going to feature me in running the ball and that’s why I did it.” -Cain Exactly why backs will be hesitant to choose us...
  6. Have to look better on the field before players are going to come... it’s such a simple concept. Biggest needs on this team OL and DL. Cain was a nice to have. Not a need to have.
  7. I’ll give you an easy one right now... and I’ve got some traveling to do so I won’t spend too much time proving something that is glaring... 4th qtr, our defense couldn’t stop a runny nose, we have the ball just into wvu’s territory, their D isn’t stopping us at all either... we can (A). Throw a bomb Td to duvernay with 2:30 left to put us up 7 and give them about twice as much time as they need to score on us. OR (B). We could run the ball, pick up first downs and force wvu to expend TO’s and potentially end the game with the ball in our hands. Herman obviously chose (A). Which shows a lack of awareness of how absolutely terrible your defense is playing. Wvu calmly dismantles our defense, systematically, while ensuring we do not get the ball back. It’s fine if you don’t want to see that stuff. It’s also fine if you believe that to be something other than a total lack of clock management and awareness of the game situation... but we’ve lost games we should have won.
  8. He has mismanaged the clock many a time this year... today was not an anomaly. The game plan should have been to play keep away today. Not quick score... manage clock vs a team that can score as fast as anybody. Kyler can’t score if he’s not on the field...
  9. I believe wholly that we have improved and that is awesome... best season in a long time... but we could have won more than a couple of the games we lost... were in position to win, but lost, and that’s frustrating.
  10. The approach that winning by 1 point is ok. I know he’s voiced that position. That doesn’t work. 1, nobody else across cfb coaches that way. 2, it feels like the team understands that’s his approach... so whenever we get a lead, there seems to be a palpable change in the teams intensity and the plays called. We scored first in this game and on the second drive we QUICKLY went 3 and out on some real cute, bad, play calls. We left a lot of points on the field today. Herman has also said he doesn’t believe in momentum, many times, and he’s also alone in that one... these are 18-22 year old kids, momentum is huge and Herman has not proven the ability to keep and maintain it. Which makes sense, since he doesn’t think momentum is a real thing.
  11. I am always open to hearing if my perspective isn’t accurate... but I am uber unhappy with the mentality that Herman brings to this program. Unless that shifts we are going to lose a lot of games that we could and should win.
  12. Another game we could have won... and didn’t. There’s a difference in members here being negative and being truthful. Sometimes the truth is negative. We could have won this... and did what we did in every other loss this year.
  13. Can’t wait for the Tom Herman post game press conference… Where he reminds us that we have exceeded expectations which is just code for “except the fact that we lost because we won more games than we did last year.” Even though we have been in a position to win just about every single game we’ve lost…
  14. We just lead this game for 29 minutes and 45 seconds… And patented Tom Herman football has screwed us into a hole. I like the things that he has done with this team to get this team better… But his mentality of not being able to put his foot on the gas and continue to have success is insane. His mentality of “win by one” is the most ridiculous mentality I have ever heard in my entire life. The whole intensity of this team shifts to very nearly passive when we have the lead…
  15. Herman f##ked us with garbage ass play calling! Why are we chucking bombs! Just pick up first downs! Jfc!
  16. I don’t understand why we can’t just score consistently… Oklahoma has a horrible defense. It feels like the only time that we feel any urgency or need to score is when the other team is gaining momentum. Otherwise we are completely fine punting the ball way over and over and over again. Just a trash way to play.

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