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  1. I totally agree. But I think a lot of it has to do with how Tom is calling the games. We are being out coached every single week. Even in wins it feels like we are out coached. Sam is def not what he was.
  2. The OL has been putrid and there’s no run game. What’s Sam supposed to do? And the play calling has been putrid. Screens and swing passes allllll day everyday.
  3. The offensive coaches are trash. Play calling is trash. Orlando, can’t figure shit out. Sam relies on wr’s to bail his “prayer” passes out. They can’t do it all the time!
  4. Whomever is calling plays for us needs to be fired. Jfc our play calling is habitually terrible.
  5. First two drives are how last week should have been called! Then he turns to shit again. Is it cause he thinks he’s smarter than everybody else? Does he overthink it? Does he just suck?
  6. 1000000% Herman is not the O genius we were promised. How has the OL devolved? Why are we still still 3 downed lineman??
  7. Tom Herman is losing my confidence... what is he doing? Still fielding punts and returning for 10 yards instead of taking it at the 25!
  8. We should be thanking our lucky stars that we were able to make that a seven point game and it not look nearly as terrible on the scoreboard as it did to watch.
  9. We absolutely have the athletes to control our own destiny… But at least, in my opinion, our coaching staff is holding us way back.
  10. I am completely bewildered and mystified by our insistence on throwing balls behind the line of scrimmage… Even though we were having absolutely zero success with that. The most frustrating part about Tom Herman is that if feels like he believes he is the smartest person in the stadium at all times and refuses to I just with the game… Instead whatever game plan he showed up with is, by God, going to be the game plan that is executed for the entire 60 minutes regardless how unsuccessful it is.

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