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  1. what is the latest with Bruce Chambers and the TE position coach?
  2. my guess is that watson might be leaving for the nfl. if so, then i guess this hire makes sense. but in actuality, besides wickline, (and yeah I am going to say it), I am very unimpressed.
  3. I don't think anyone knows anything. We should just go home, open up an adult beverage, and chill until the announcement. Everyone is all over the place.
  4. same here. and it is very disappointing if this is true
  5. he has already graduated and can transfer in as a graduate student
  6. If this is true, The talk was that his wife did not want to leave Austin. He is willing to take a demotion and help with recruiting.
  7. This is the only reason why I think it is taking so long.

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