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  1. Just wondering if anyone had heard or knew when the single game tickets for the Arkansas game may be available?
  2. Yes there is no doubt. #Herman2Michigan
  3. And no I didn’t go out while having symptoms as I’m not a dumbass it’s called working in retail and going to college you get exposure dipshits
  4. Lmao not what I was getting at and have had enough arguing with people that are for or against them you do you. Fire Herman Hire Urban.
  5. Yes I do wear a mask whenever I go out. Asthma doesn’t help I do greatly appreciate your concern smart ass.
  6. Well think I was right on PJ Fleck;) Also take this from a 24 year old in ND covid is no joke on day 13 still sick and please wear a MF mask or stay home.
  7. Texas isn’t beating ou and 1-5 vs ou won’t get it done. Hire. Urban.
  8. I sure hope your right. I also hope Texas doesn’t F@#K this up with “optics” cuz if it’s not urban I really don’t know who is second and maybe texas should join the Ivy League.
  9. Very well said, think and hope you’re right. If he’s retained they’ll lose any money they saved by bringing him back as fans will check out.

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