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Mitch Lovell

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  • Birthday 03/15/1996

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  1. If Texas can go 2-1 @osu @kstate and home vs TCU, have to feel good about 9-3 and making Arlington.
  2. Anyone have any suggestions on best way to get tickets to the game? Would be first time going so looking for info.
  3. Tough weekend for the Longhorns. Thank you so much to @Aaron Carrarafor this opportunity!
  4. That's all for A&M starter Micah Dallas. Two on no out top 6 for Trey Faltine.
  5. Going to need a rally today. A&M takes a 6-2 lead two out's in the fourth.
  6. Two out double by Hodo scores Campbell. The bats are alive today.

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