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  1. Yeah Bama has certainly always been at the top. More referencing to that post his OV to Texas in June, it seemed like Texas was close to his leader. Granted that involved the on field product being good and NIL going better.
  2. TFB claiming Harris will release top 2 this week and Texas won’t be in it. That would be pretty bad to not even be top 2 with where that recruitment was in June.
  3. I don’t think it hurts anything and probably helps some but with the Manning’s connection to the SEC I think it helps more with Arch. Another thing to consider is that there’s a chance Arch could play his whole career in the SEC whereas Quinn would be best case sophomore year on.
  4. If things do get done like expected and Texas could join the SEC in 2023 season, recruiting won’t be an issue any longer. Arch will also be a Longhorn as well IMO. Imagine Arch Manning leading Texas in the first SEC season for a minute…
  5. Does anyone have any knowledge about when single game tickets may be on sale for this game? I figured they’d be on sale by now. Looking for tickets being sold by Arkansas not secondary markets. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  6. I'm thinking of making the trip to Omaha if the good guys make it. Anyone that has been before have any tips regarding tickets and getting them/what hotels are best to stay in for the CWS.
  7. Anyone on here planning to attend?
  8. Yes Woods and ou sorry should’ve clarified. I did notice Jeff Banks follow Woods today..
  9. Arkansas WR Mike Woods rumored to be entering portal. If true Texas needs to try and get him.
  10. Just wondering if anyone had heard or knew when the single game tickets for the Arkansas game may be available?

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