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  1. LB's with gap penetration blowing up 3rd and short? That actually works?
  2. An out by X would've been a much better route on the 2nd Down play.
  3. Their freshman's career long, no less. Increased his 57% accuracy with that one
  4. I like Karic's toughness and grit, but he doesn't have the feet for LT
  5. Sark has the OC, sideline squat down pat. I'll give him that one, too.
  6. Will Howard with the zone read/keeper for a loooong TD W.....T....F
  7. I know I'm really down on Sark and the players, but I haven't seen a whole helluva lot to be excited about for 6 weeks.
  8. The JAGs we have at OLB/DE can't rush the passer, so you'd think they'd at least hold up against the run. They don't keep contain at all
  9. Looks like Roschon and the single-wing O will be a big part of the game plan today. Why not?
  10. Counterpoint - What, exactly, is Sark's "vision" for the program?

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