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  1. You're right - I should've prefaced @ Michigan. Like I've said, Sark will get at least 3 years just like Charlie. Despite what many on here believe, Sark didn't start "with nothing" if recruiting class rankings mean anything. Stanford isn't the pressure cooker UT is, either.
  2. I'd rather watch and support 3* players who give it their all than 5* slackers, but the data says we need the highly-ranked kids to win championships. It sucks when they decide not to give their best efforts. Then it's either sit 'em or run 'em off. A coach's job didn't get easier with the portal's one, "Get out of jail FREE" card.
  3. Motivation has to come from within. The bench in your example is a consequence, or punishment, for poor effort or performance. I agree, though. Why didn't Sark "get tough" earlier? Foster should've sat down weeks ago.
  4. We've already got a 5-star freshman QB on the way - Malik. We need linemen on both sides of the ball. Gimme more big uglies with nasty attitudes who can't stand the thought of losing a snap, let alone a series or game!
  5. Getting a couple of OL like this excites me more than Ewers. Yeah, I'm weird that way.
  6. I am calm and, no, I won't be doing flips for a freshman QB. Too many visions of Card in my head right now.
  7. Ah, so he's concerned he can't unseat Stroud. What a competitor.
  8. What's the story with Ewers? How is he dissatisfied with tOSU already?
  9. Do you expect RG, Junior Angilau, to bail on us? I don't think he's NFL ready. Neither Jones nor Karic are LTs, in my opinion. Neither has the feet for it. I hope we find a portal guy there.
  10. Michigan stunk last year during Covid, but he never went 5-7 over a full season. Sark's overall record pales by comparison
  11. I think Thompson is good enough to lead us to 8 wins with a better O-Line if he stays healthy. Unfortunately, that's "next level" for UT now.
  12. Well, if defense isn't Sark's thing why not let the DC hire guys he wants to run his system?
  13. I was surprised Sark hired defensive position coaches before landing PK. As a staff, they didn't appear to be on the same page all season. Seems ass-backwards to me, in hindsight.
  14. *groan* At least the Prez cares, which is a good thing, I guess?
  15. This past season looked a lot like post-Fulmer Tennessee to me. I can't imagine looking much worse. Longest losing streak since 1956. Craptacular
  16. Casey is a gamer. He looked indecisive at times this season, but we can win with him when healthy. I'd like to see him run more. Just turn it loose. I expect Card to portal out.
  17. As a head coach, ultimately all aspects of the team are your responsibility. These guys shouldn't need a job description read to them.
  18. All that and the offense ate up clock with the running game and better 3rd Down efficiency. TOP for Texas = 33:30
  19. We need a frosh QB who can't throw every week, but props for stepping up on the two 4th Down stops!

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