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  1. aggie has averaged 52% conference wins in the SWC, Big 12, and SEC. No matter where they go, there they are. Fluke Covid year notwithstanding.
  2. I'm surprised one of Katy's newest high schools - #8? - has achieved so much this quickly. Go Panthers!
  3. But, it probably pays twice what a HS coach makes and it isn't a bad place to start if Dodge wants to be a collegiate HC some day.
  4. Martinez still has eligibility left? Wow...
  5. Hey, I hope Sark proves me dead wrong on my 6-6 prognostication. But, if he keeps PK and holds pat with the staff I think we can expect more of the same. This past season was embarrassing on many levels, especially the home loss to KU as 30-point favorites. Downward trend, 3rd year CFS in Year 1 doesn't bode well, IMO.
  6. Actually, I expect Sark to finish 6-6 next year and maybe 8-4 the next. Not exactly "progress" to me, but I'm sure Bellmont and the sunshine pumpers will try to call it that. History tells me Sark is way over his ski tips. He is what he is, until proven otherwise - 7WS.
  7. Well, we just need to play a few more one-dimensional teams with freshmen QBs who can't throw. Then TEXAS defense will be back, baby!
  8. You like to argue for the sake of argument, apparently. You just answered my beef with Sark above. I'm not as confident that he'll match Herman's performance, much less deliver a championship. I guess our standards are more aligned with Cal these days if we keep Sark longer than two years if he goes 5-7 again. Egad God help us in the SEC SEC SEC if we don't get our act together.
  9. Furthermore, Sark is now 1-22 (or is it 1-23?) as a HC when trailing at halftime. His record speaks for itself. Nobody is that unlucky. But, I'm sure his X's and O's looked fantastic on the whiteboard...or in his head.
  10. All you need are pom-poms and skirt! LOL Yeah, I would've fired Sark after this season because he just matched CFS's worst. I didn't "invent" anything and I don't need a vocabulary lesson from you. You don't appear to understand how game planning is supposed to work. A good coach will call plays he knows his team can execute. Not a difficult concept to understand. Hence, my assertion that we got off to a few quick starts but performed poorly in the 2nd Halves bc no real adjustments were made.
  11. If the players can't execute what's called, it's also a play calling issue. You should know that. But, carry on as Sark's apologist and self-appointed press secretary.
  12. Give me an example of a 2nd Half where Sark's play-calling and adjustments won the game for us.
  13. He did in the 1st Half of many games. 2nd Half, not so much.
  14. I'm not greedy. I just want a couple of OL, DL, LB, and WRs. Is that too much to ask?
  15. So what? It's the University of Spoiled Children Riley should fit right in there.
  16. Jayden Blue skipped his senior year, too. I hope he's not crazy either.
  17. You're right - I should've prefaced @ Michigan. Like I've said, Sark will get at least 3 years just like Charlie. Despite what many on here believe, Sark didn't start "with nothing" if recruiting class rankings mean anything. Stanford isn't the pressure cooker UT is, either.
  18. I'd rather watch and support 3* players who give it their all than 5* slackers, but the data says we need the highly-ranked kids to win championships. It sucks when they decide not to give their best efforts. Then it's either sit 'em or run 'em off. A coach's job didn't get easier with the portal's one, "Get out of jail FREE" card.

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