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  1. Prettiest College Baseball Pitch of the Week : Tanner Witt's Curveball
  2. High = 8-4 Low = 6-6 But, that's improvement after last season. Yay! We'll be back up to Herman's level in time.
  3. aggie thought they'd have a bigger voice in Birmingham than they did in Irving as the SEC's "only TX member". What a bunch of maroons.
  4. The NCAA "regulating" anything is laughable. It is a bloated, ineffectual bureaucracy whose time has passed. I guess you can argue they run pretty good basketball and baseball tournaments. NIL deals will turn out to be a helluva lot more expensive for BMDs than under-the-table payments. Oh, look, they're hot on aggie's tail now!
  5. Back when a District Championship really meant something. We had two teams from each district qualify in 1986. I find it laughable that we've now got 4. Some clearly don't belong, but not all districts are created equal.
  6. Wow.....Cleveland is 6A now? Funny how the UIL has split Cy-Fair ISD into Region 2 and 3. Whole lotta 9-team districts, it seems. Is a Class 7A on the horizon?
  7. True story. I just get a little put off by those who say D1 universities are "the plantation" and they're exploiting these athletes. Hardly, when you consider - what - only 2% of college footballers play in the NFL? Many college students would consider free tuition, room & board, books, clothing, meals, and tutoring is a pretty damn good deal at UT. Plus under-the-table monies from jock sniffing alumni. Now we've got bidding wars, thanks to NIL. Unsavory
  8. P5, and FBS football, is already the NFL's minor leagues and has been for decades. What percentage of UT's football players would qualify academically if they didn't play ball? I wish it were more collegiate, but those days are gone forever. Just win, baby! NFL has gotta love FBS universities footing the bill for their future players' development.
  9. I have no idea what UT is going to get on the OL or DL, either. Change thread title to CFB Transfer Portal News. It's more appropriate and accurate.
  10. Total Defense ranked #100 Out of 130 (yeah, that's way too many) FBS teams.....at Texas. Rushing D ranked #114. Passing D ranked #62. Tell me again why we're keeping PK? Is it a bad scheme or are the players not getting it done? Both? I appreciate your passion and optimism, @java, but I haven't seen anything on that side of the ball to be enthusiastic about yet.
  11. I've never seen this posted before, anywhere. You must've skipped the Kansas game and the 2nd Half of many others. Our defense sucks.
  12. I keep coming here hoping to see we've acquired an experienced OL and/or DL. Hasn't happened yet
  13. I don't think so since Pierce was hired back in June of 2016. CDC wasn't on board yet.
  14. Hell, UT to the SEC didn't take any salesmanship. They wanted us - not Arkansas - back in 1990. It's been on the back burner for decades. CDC should share the "credit" with Prez Hartzell.
  15. CDC is first and foremost a fundraiser. That's how he made a name for himself at both Rice and TCU. Plus, getting the Horny Toads a Big 12 invite. Chris Beard fell into his lap. Glad he closed the deal, but I doubt it took much cajoling.
  16. Westlake's junior DE, Colton Vasek, is even better. Hopefully, we get him too. Defensive MVP in the 6A-D2 State Championship.
  17. Good point. The prototypical Mike doesn't want to chase slot receivers around like a nickel or dime. We've gotta find more Overshowns who can put on good weight, don't overrun plays, and read & react better. Tough to be a true run-stopping LB in the Big 12.
  18. Yeah, one who didn't run enough in Sark's offense whether by design or indecisiveness.
  19. I definitely under-appreciate Card bc I think he sucks. Indecisive + no demonstrated "moxie" = ineffectual robo QB That had better change this spring, but I think Ewers starts Day 1. Too much arm talent.
  20. But, our "Quarterback Whisperer" will coach 'em up.
  21. He's being canned for his recruiting shortcomings, mostly, IMO. X kicked ass as a freshman. Position coaches are expected to recruit well.
  22. TCU has money-whipped Samples and given him a very impressive title - Assistant Head Coach / Run Game Coordinator / Recruiting Coordinator / Running Backs. That's a mouthful! Seems like he enjoys "owning" DFW, too.

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