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  1. aggies are the most delusional and silliest sumbitches you'll ever encounter. What a juvenile reaction by their toy soldiers
  2. Unbelievably, some people are just now picking up on aggy douchebaggery.
  3. You should've been in Jaydon Blue's ear last year
  4. I don't know why seniors who've already committed and have a D1 scholarship would even want to play in an exhibition game. Why bother? Seems more like a showcase for those who want to improve their opportunities.
  5. Agree, the State of Texas shouldn't care if NIL is taxable income. Oh, wait, we don't have a state income tax. More incentive for out-of-state "scholar athletes" to choose UT.....or aggy based on this year's class. Are you saying the professional jobs parents acquire in Southlake, Westlake, and Allen aren't legitimate? For shame
  6. I'd love to see the ROI on having a HS kid pitch your product or service. Now that I think about it, how did Quinn Ewers NIL deals work out for him at Ohio State? How many autographs does GT Sports Marketing need to peddle for this deal to work out for them? I suspect THSCA coaches are worried more seniors will sit out their senior years, like incoming RB, Jaydon Blue. Hence, the state of Texas is concerned about this being a growing trend.
  7. Offense wasn't our biggest problem last year. Who is Coach K meeting with besides Patterson this offseason?
  8. It's "pay for play", but people want you to believe a HS kid's name, image, and likeness is marketable. Too funny, but I guess we deserve this after accommodating, coddling, and spoiling "student athletes" for decades. NIL is gonna be a helluva lot more expensive than under-the-table payments. Oh - and just what we need - more incompetent government intervention and selective enforcement by these bureaucracies. Whee!
  9. Now we have high school "free agents". Fantastic
  10. Next Level The Game Has Changed an article featured in this month's Alcalde.
  11. I did'na come to State U to play no skool
  12. Remember, we're supporting collegiate "amateur" athletics...
  13. One tourney win has me feeling the best about Texas Hoops since Barnes was here.

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