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  1. WYO's Christensen must sit out the Boise State game. Probably better for his blood pressure and mental health anyway.
  2. Of the coaches you've listed, I'd rank them as follows excluding the ones I have no interest in whatsoever. 1. Chris Peterson 2. Dan Mullen 3. Gary Patterson 4. Art Briles 5. Charlie Strong 6. Kirby Smart Let's face it. Saban and Meyer won't be available because both Bama and OSU can afford to match whatever offer we made. Plus, I don't think either's personality will work at Texas. What about Major Applewhite? I was hoping we can groom him for a couple more years, but I don't want to watch Mack take the program down while we wait for him to be ready.
  3. Ridiculous comment by Mack. How can any die-hard Orangeblood or Texas-Ex have anything positive to say after that embarrassing performance against OU? The 'Horns were out-hustled, out-blocked, out-tackled and out-coached in the biggest rivalry game! I guess we shouldn't have any expectations for Mack when he's got the best facilities, most resources and largest in-state talent pool in the country. Bottom line - we're soft. The offense plays well against over-matched competition, but this defense is pathetic by every statistical measure. I don't understand why we have no fundamentals on defense. Bad technique, poor angles and atrocious tackling. It's ridiculous. Who the hell thinks we're capable of beating a quality team like K-State? Shame on you, Coach Brown, for letting the program deteriorate over the past 3 years. Anything less than 9 wins should be grounds for dismissal with this schedule.
  4. RSJ sounds like a prima donna diva anyway. More trouble than he's worth. Aggy and/or LSU can have him.
  5. and naturally our Big 12 blogger, David "The Chode" Ubben, posts it on ESPN. God, sometimes I think he's useless.
  6. As usual, A&M denies responsibility. Some rogue booster, fan or alumnus paid for this ad. Or maybe...it was somebody from the Big 12? I like to think we wouldn't do anything this juvenile and factually inaccurate.
  7. We'd better find a reliable kicker soon, because this vanilla offense isn't going to pull away from good teams. Very disappointed in our frosh K, Nick Jordan. He either choked or the holds were bad. How soon will Fera heal?
  8. Mack's desire to follow the "SEC Blueprint" for success was a hot topic on SEC boards recently. For most sane and rational people, that means "Balanced on offense. Faster on defense. More physical in general." And if it sounds familiar, it should. That blueprint comes straight from last year’s BCS Championship Game featuring Alabama and LSU." But, not to Aggy. For the Aggies, it's a subversive attempt by Mack Brown to "marginalize A&M's move to the SEC" and "classic t.u. media spin". Really? Mack Brown was thinking about A&M when making changes to UT's personnel and game strategy? :confused: My God, it's gotta be tough to be an Aggie. Good to know that we still live rent-free in their collective heads.
  9. Growing up in Houston, Earl Campbell was THE MAN. Greatness personified. Congratulations, Tyler Rose! Hook 'Em! \m/ [ATTACH=CONFIG]137[/ATTACH]

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