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  1. 11 minutes ago, Wayne said:

    If you are USC/UCLA and you cover your current expense on $32M of conference revenue a year for all sports. You can cover any additional cost on the extra $70M a year you get. Then you can reinvest in facilities and coaches to keep up with the Power 2 teams. 

    If you don’t join the Power 2, you will fall $70M a year behind those schools. The road trips in the PAC 12 are already long for the teams.  

    I don't know what to believe about future pay-outs to the B1G and SEC. $100MM per team sounds far-fetched, but assuming even $70MM per is accurate your assertion is still correct. Plus, now all universities offer online classes, so WTF?

  2. 16 minutes ago, dssl said:

    Mostly agree,  except I don't see the SEC going after any ACC teams, unless they can resolve the grant of rights issue first. The SEC is already in a great position , and the potential ACC teams won't move the needle on per team payouts, so I don't think that's a fight worth fighting. 

    Depends on how strongly the ACC's GoR is worded. I've seen posts stating that ND will only be on the hook for their non-football sports if they join the B1G. Now, everybody else may have to forfeit their TV monies until 2036.

    If so, you're probably right. But, I'm not a contract lawyer.

  3. I don't think anything else happens until Notre Dame makes a choice - stay ACC or go B1G.

    • SEC will try to poach from ACC if ND goes B1G. Grant of Rights be damned.
    • Big 12 should try to get AZ, ASU, CO, and Utah, but maybe Pac-12 backfills with SDSU + Colorado St or another MTN school?

    What a mess this is. I can't decide whose geography is worse - the new Big 12 or B1G's.



  4. 16 hours ago, Mac-7 said:

    A&M is ahead of UT at this time and would beat last year’s team as easily as Arkansas did

    in the old Southwest Conference the Aggies were poor relations

    Now they are mean sob’s and would probably walk all over Texas this year

    Even so I miss the Aggies snd Razorbacks and look forward to playing them home and home again


    Nobody is afraid of Texas 8&4, aggy

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