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  1. TEXAS 41 RICE 24 Just win for crissakes! I'm confident Thompson will make things happen with both his arm and feet.
  2. TEXAS 41 RICE 24 Longhorns play much better, but don't cover the spread.
  3. Last week, Card never took the opportunity to run when he had the chance. I don't give a crap what he did in high school and neither should Sark. We know he supposedly throws better with a red jersey on during practice.
  4. Mine too. Our "big" win against UL proved to be fools gold. Before the season, I expected no worse than 9-3. I don't know what to think now after being emasculated by Arky.
  5. Sooo...you think the RS Freshman who threw for only 60 yards in 2+ quarters vs Arky gives UT a better chance to win games? Your assertion underscores why Thompson is a better choice as a true dual-threat QB. If they scheme for his running, he can still beat them with his arm. To your point, "it may be a different story" if Thompson doesn't have a good game passing. But, I'm confident he can. With a suspect OL, his mobility gives us a better chance to win now.
  6. ...that beat FCS powerhouse Nicholls State by a FG in Week 2
  7. Well, it didn't appear the Horns spent much emotional energy in Fayettnam. Chill, brah. Spicoli...er...Sark's got this.
  8. The opening line is UT -26.5? I don't know if we're 4 TDs better than any FBS team. Prove it
  9. It's the wild, wild west now with the NIL deals. Cars & cash have always bought top-shelf HS football players. I'm glad SMU isn't in our league.
  10. Well, it depends on what talent you're referencing. I don't think anyone will deny that Thompson is the faster, better, and more instinctive runner. 4.55 vs 4.79 40-yard dash, for starters.
  11. Or Depp's assertion that Card has as much experience as Thompson in another thread. RS Freshman in his 2nd year versus a 4th year Junior who won the Alamo Bowl for us. I blame public schools.
  12. Spot on analysis and it happened to UT again. Perhaps Sark shouldn't consider every team a "faceless opponent", moving forward. Players didn't act like this was going to be a holy war for the pigs. Lacked energy from the jump
  13. Wow That's an eye-opening fact. IMO, it's not our skill position groups who lack size, talent, and depth. It's the linemen on both offense and defense. TXHSFB's basketball on grass isn't developing enough top-flight talent. We need to cast a wider net.
  14. UT and OU are gonna face hostile crowds everywhere we go in the Big 12. They're gonna be more amped up than ever now that we're leaving. Most would love to give us an L as a farewell present.
  15. We just got a verbal commitment from a 4-star DL from Alabama, of all places. I think our big cigars and bagmen have a good handle on the NIL type stuff. The NCAA has proven toothless, anyway. Time to play hardball.
  16. I don't think Card has slow foot speed, but he was indecisive. He played scared, like the stage was too big for him. His inexperience showed. Thus far, Thompson has been more of a gamer. My hope is he leads us to a blowout of Rice and wins the job for the balance of this season and next.
  17. CORRECTION: 0-19 when down at the half by ten points or more
  18. Both Angilau and Kerstetter are gimpy. I'm afraid to watch the "highlights" bc the right side of the O-Line probably got blown up. All five need more fight. Somebody should've taken offense to the late hit on Card after the delay of game, but didn't.
  19. Shocking statistic from last night's broadcast - Sark is now 0-19 when behind at halftime as a HC.
  20. Andrej Karic should be starting at one of the tackle spots, for sure.
  21. Professional quality facilities, chefs/nutritionists, academic coddling, designer suits, chartered flights, etc. spoil these guys completely. I don't know if player lifestyles are any different @ Arkansas and other SEC schools. Maybe Sark and his All-Star staff just ain't tough enough. Too much Californication in ATX, IMO.
  22. Yeah, last night's game reminded me of Bert Bielema's borderline erotic performance and outcome. Sad, but true. I knew we were screwed when Card started the 2nd Half. When you've got a suspect offensive line, play the QB who can improvise with his feet. That ain't Card. #TeamCasey
  23. TEXAS 41 Pigs 17 We need to make a statement this week. #AllGasNoBrakes

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