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  1. I like stripes on the pants and TV numbers. Sue me
  2. You spelled "mediocre" wrong, aggy. Especially when reviewing your overall SEC record. 46-35 = 56% Actually, that's better than A&M did in the SWC or Big 12.
  3. Kids value money, cars, and girls more than alternate uniforms. See Bama
  4. You don't say? https://aggypedia.com/aggypedia/aggy-athletics/the-twelfth-man-a-football-phrase-with-disputed-roots/
  5. We really suck if we can't win with NIL and free agency. Who's got more advantages than UT in the new CFB landscape?
  6. Nah Newsom may push for UCLA to share their proceeds with Berkeley like good communists. "It's best for the UC system." He'd be a damn fool to block the move even if he has the power to do so. Stanford, OR, or WA would be ready to take their place.
  7. Funniest part of this speculation is CA has banned paid travel to Texas and other red states for public employees. I doubt Berkeley wants to be associated with TX and OK. Just saying.
  8. Pac-10 has less leverage than the Big 12, though. Only way they stay together is if they appease UO and UW with a larger piece of their smaller pie. From what I've read, their media rights with USC & UCLA were worth $500 MM ($42.6 per team). Without them, it's assumed to only be worth $300 MM, if not less.
  9. Yeah, the rumor is NBC will contract with the Big 12 for either T1 or T2 media rights. These games will be featured when ND is on the road and as lead-ins for ND home games. I think UT & OU will be in the SEC by 2024. Yormark will settle because he'll want to start building the Big 12's new, "young, hip, & cool" brand. Any time spent featuring or talking about UT/OU detracts from the Big 12, especially if they add 4-6 PAC teams as speculated.
  10. When aggy starts competing for and winning desirable recruits with UT bc of an SEC badge, it's time to move on. Especially when ESPN will double our media rights payouts. It's really a no-brainer for us. I'd much rather be in the SEC than the B1G or PAC.
  11. You don't say, Phil? Or what? You'll stop sponsoring SEC and B1G teams with the Swoosh and Jumpman? Purchase fewer commercials on FOX and ESPN?

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